As the only son of Baron Golan Stromand and Lady Terresa, the young Willbrand had led a life of privilage. At 17 years old, he was already the captain of the Crotasia cadets, on the fast track to becoming an Imperial Knight, considered the most elite fighting force in all of Mandaria. He had also caught the eye of the beautiful Shellana, daughter of Count Dormah, the voice of the King himself in Crotasia.

But all that changed one fateful evening when he came to the aid of a mysterious raven haired girl. Without explanation he suddenly found himself branded as a heretic. His whole life turned upside down, with everyone he had ever known turned against him, he was forced to leave behind everything that was important to him and flee for his life with the girl and her equally mysterious companion. Determined to discover the truth, he soon finds out his two associates are much more than they seemed, and what he learns takes him on a journey through all of Mandaria, and ultimately calls into question every belief he ever held to be true.

WELCOME to the world of the Mandaria Chronicles.

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The Outcasts

Story by Frank Verderosa

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