Well, I'm trying to be a lot more diligent with my email, since I was neglecting it for a long time and I feel kind of bad about that. Soo, I'm going to try to answer everyone as soon as I possibly can. What that means exactly is, depending on when I check my mail, you might get a reply right away, or in a few days time, but hopefully no longer than a week. The only exception to that might be if you send me something to read, in which case it might take me a bit longer to get to it. Two flavors of email to choose from. Pick your poison.

IMPORTANT: The spam I'm getting at my hotmail address is really starting to annoy me. Used to be when they sent me porn spam it would say right in the subject 'See naked girls' or something much more explicit. But lately I've been getting email with a subject of 'Hi' or 'Hello' or 'Yo' or even none and it's been porn spam. Sooo, from now on any email I get with that as the subject I'm going to delete without even looking at it. If you send me an email to my Hotmail account, please put something more expressive in the subject line (if you mention FFVII in it, I'll KNOW it's not spam) or it will be deleted without even being read. Sorry for the inconvenience.

FCVERDE@ix.netcom.com - or - stranger1701.com

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