Humorous stories

Here you will find my rather pathetic attempts at humor. I have to admit that writing strickly humorous stories is not my strong point, but I think these came out reasonably well. This is the shortest section, but I hope to add some more in the near future. So just take a look below if you wish to subject yourself to my strange sense of humor.


Yuffies NEW theme song

THE DATE My first pitiful attempt at humor. Cloud accidently schedules a date with both Tifa and Aeris on the same night. When he bungles it, the men in blue step in

JEN'S BIRTHDAY RAMBLE Another humorous story. Frank tries to get the FFVII gang together for Jen's birthday, but Sephiroth has other ideas.

THE GREAT MOUSSE HUNT Cloud needs his mousse, but it appears to be missing. Can he and the gang find some before it's too late?

FFVII SURVIVOR Avalanche and Shinra face off in a challenge to see which group must vote someone off the island

THE QUEST FOR TWINKIESFrank sends the crew out on a simple quest to get him some twinkies, but when is anything ever simple with this crew?

THE EYREI wasn't exactly sure where to stick this story (and I'm sure there are more than a few of you who would be very willing to tell me exactly where to stick it) since it's not exactly a humor story. Well, it does have it's amusing parts but it's not a laugh out loud type of story as I tried to achieve in my rambles. This is really a fairy tale, and as such didn't really seem to fit in the Drama section, and since I don't have a whimsy section, this is where it ended up. I've seen a lot of the characters in pictures with wings, well, Aeris mostly, but some of the others as well, and I guess that's where I got this idea from.