A lot of people have asked for something like this, and since I always like to keep my fans happy (within reason) here it is. This is a great feature hosted by those wonderful people at BRAVENET.COM. Join the list and be instantly informed (all right, not quite instantly, but close enough!) of any updates to my page, or even if I just want to say hi. (Bet you can't wait for that, eh?) So what are you waiting for, just enter your email addy below!

Okay, apparently the wonderful people at Bravenet aren't as wonderful as I thought. It seems there's a 500 member limit to their mailing list, and I've reached it. Sooo, I had to get another one. The Bravenet one is still active at the moment, and you can try it, since I periodically cull out old email addresss that are no longer valid. If it doesn't work, you can sign up with the Yahoo Groups mailing list below. The Yahoo Groups one is a little more complicated since you have to be a member of Yahoo to join. Kind of a pain but at least it's free.

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