To celebrate this sites fifth year on the web (and still going strong!) I thought I'd treat you all to a little bit of nostalgia. In this section you can find some interesting features that appeared on this page at one time or another or are related to this pages formative years. After five years the attic tends to get a bit cluttered, and it's kind of fun to look back at some of the old stuff that's lying around up there! So join me and come take a gander at what I've dug up!

The evolution of the Oh No banner

The great Zack vs Reeve controversy

The original spoof awards I had posted when I started the website

Assorted email from year one

This sites milestones

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Well, in the beginning, there was no banner, just a heading written in text. But now we're going WAY back.

The first banner I made for the page. It's a pic of Tifa looking up at the stars from the pics they show when you change disks in the game. I faded it so you could see the text. Apperently I faded it a bit too much because I don't know how many people emailed me to ask what the heck that was a picture of!

The second banner is of Tifa and Cloud on the date in the Goal Saucer, proving that you could indeed get to go out with someone besides Aeris.

The third banner is a combo shot of the gang in the northern crater with the regular background replaced with a background of stars. The choppy outlines around the characters proves I wasn't too good at photo editing!

The current black and white style banner (using pics that were kindly provided by Annette) that I'm quite pleased with.


Okay, in case you might have missed it, there was a point when I was writing the series when I asked the fans who Aeris should choose, Zack or Reeve. I called it the Interlude and posted on the website some of the more interesting comments that I was sent. After the decsion was made, I took it down. For those of you who are curious about the comments, or just wish to look them over again, here they are (my own comments are in bold):


About the Aeris situation, I'm for Zack all the way. They're clearly made for each other (well, maybe not clearly) and they make such a cute couple! Reeve just doesn't seem right for Aeris somehow. I don't think you should choose him. First you take Cloud away from Aeris, now the next best thing?

Please pair up Zack & Aeris cuz they were together before. I've always wanted them together... and I always thought that one of the reasons Aeris liked Cloud wuz becuz Cloud & Zack were so alike.

And concerning Reeve, uh, you should NOT write on what the fans want. Check out Reeve's character development yourself, do you really think he'd be the type who'd want to court Aeris! When he started to like her I assumed that's because her open, friendly nature gets everyone to like her ...anyways, back to Reeve. Come on! Check his character! Sheesh! See my point? Uhh, not exactly

I really really do like Reeve, but I think I prefer Zack with Aeris. But don't laugh, it's for superficial reason. One of them is my sis' reason. I think she was attracted to Cloud partly because of Zack, but the weirder reason is because... how do I explain this? Okay, Aeris, although an excellent magic user, is very weak physically. I think the reason I like Zack with her is cuz he can protect her... without dying. I mean, Reeve doesn't really know how to fight.

Personally I think you should choose Zack for Aeris. I guess I just like him a little better then Reeve.

Reeve is so WEAK!!!!!!!! What if Reeve and Aeris was attacked by a bunch of ordinary thugs. Reeve might have to (almost) sacrifice himself again. You don't always get so lucky. Just because he can't get a date Hey, he's not that bad off, is he?doesn't mean he should get Aeris (the ONLY ancient left on their earth).

In your authors note for Dark Shore you mentioned Aeris and (ugh, forgive me) REEVE. I'm glad you're leaning towards Zack, but please not Reeve. I hated Cait Sith in FFVII (his limit breaks DID prove to be interesting though) and have the same opinion towards the man with the goatee.All right I admit it, I'm not a fan of goatee's either This is one FF7 fan who's begging here.Hey, none of the Reeve fans have begged yet

In my opinion, she should stay with Zack..her first love. I believe that it was meant to be, since they were reunited after all these years.

Aeris HAS to get with Zack. Forget Reeve!!! He's a nobody!!


I think you should put Aeris with Zack. One reason is because Aeris is physically weak right??? So is Reeve. And if they're together.. they're gonna die!! Reeve cannot even fight!! Zack would be perfect to protect Aeris, his love.. And plus, I think the only reason why Aeris liked Cloud was because he looked like Zack, act like Zack.... Also, her first love is Zack right/?? I really believe that first love is very special. They are meant to be... They should be together.. they make a really perfect couple, and plue Reeve is soo ugly anyways, not to be mean or anything..Too late! but that's just what i think.. Zack and Aeris should be together! Puh--leeeessssseeeee.... put Zack and Aeris together.. I liked them,.,

I really like Zack! He really cares for Aeris too, not like Reeve doesn't. Reeve is cool but he doesn't seem like he's right for Aeris. People say Reeve's life is stressful; Zack nearly got killed, became that swordsman and then remembered it all and probably felt like a dork, First time anybody's called HIM that poor guy. He's a tough guy and he needs someone like Aeris to look after him. I think they were and are really in love. That's just my opinion. I really think you should choose Zack, but it is your decision and your work kicks ass no matter who you choose.Oops, how'd that slip in there?

Zack rules: ok, you're probably annoyed of me but I just have to say this to you... (--sigh--).. Okay, when i read Jenova's Disciples, and Hojo's Legacy, Zack could only remember Aeris and only Aeris..... Not his family, not his hometown.... sooo that's why i think Zack should be with Aeris. He deserves another chance..

As you know I'm voting for Zack. Zack should be with Aeris because he loved her in the beginning just like how Tifa loved Cloud in the beginning. I've read the other people's comments, and they said that Zack had his chance and blew it. It is true, I admit, but Zack did not mean to. They were young at the time. Even if Aeris has feelings for Reeve, I believe that her feelings for Zack is still in there and she just doesn't realize it, because Reeve is in their way! (Aeris' feelings for Zack is probably locked deeply in her heart. She can't reach it because Reeve is there.) Sooner or later, Aeris would discover her feelings for Zack, at least that's what I believe. You made the right choice for putting Tifa with Cloud but please make the right decision and put Zack with Aeris. They make a perfect couple!


I think you should pick Zack. Just hear me out here, okay? In your beginning books, it was the "Cloud love triangle," between Cloud, Tifa and Aeris. Tifa won out on it (yeah!) and got Cloud. Now they're together. Poor Aeris was left out in the cold. Now, she has a chance to get together with Zack, (someone who greatly resembles Cloud) and she's going to blow it by going off with Reeve? She and Zack have had a past together, which puts him ahead of Reeve on the issue. Also, if Aeris and Zack date, it could help bring back memories other than if Aeris and Reeve date. I know it could be either way, but let's face it. If Aeris dates Reeve, that's not going to stop Zack from liking her. Aeris will spend more time with Reeve than Zack, than helping him remember. Not to mention the fact that Zack will be jealous. And, if all of the Reeve fans say "Zack is ugly" "Zack's hair looks like a girl" then, it WOULD be hard for him to get another date, right? Plus, you all say "Reeve looks fine to me" and everything. Then why would they counteract that by saying "Reeve wouldn't be able to get a date other than Aeris. PLEEEASE pick Reeve?" I just think that Zack would be a better choice. The only way you can find out about this is to write about it and see how it works out! I'm going to try and help Zack here since I think Reeve's section was longer... It was, until now that is but that might be because of that "essay" one person wrote. Well you know how Aeris likes to help people right ? It's in her nature...and as you can see....Zack needs help emotionally... and well...that's right up Aeris' alley...while Reeve needs help physically, which Aeris can give no help too. I mean Zack needs help with his past...and well I know this is sort of a repeat of Cloud & Tifa, but come on...that's what people do when they luv each other... For those that like Reeve because he saved Aeris' life...well how would they know that Zack wouldn't if he had the chance ??? So far he hasn't, so nobody would know… And it's not just Zack… I bet other members would too (Cloud for example) I'm not trying to diminish Reeve's selfless act in anyway, cuz I thought it was really really really sweet… but Aeris doesn't necessarily have to feel love for him… it could be gratitude (a lot, and I mean A LOT of gratitude)… Oh, and why does everyone paint the pic that Zack is a buff guy w/ no feelings… and Reeve as a nerdy executive that needs luv ? I mean Zack could be the kinda guy that doesn't know and is too shy to show his feelings... after all, we rarely find out what he's thinking… is his character fully developed? and how do we know that Reeve won't be able to get a girl ??? I'm sure he can...cuz (hopefully) girls aren't that bad... oh, btw, that's major stereotyping (for both Zack and Reeve)… it's like saying blondes are airheads (which is so not true… no offense, making a point here)… and I don't think Zack would just pick a bed (essay argument =). Even cloud won't, and Zack is more sensitive than cloud (which most of you are probably thinking, 'that's not saying much.') During the ride to Nibelheim in the game (one of few cameo scenes of Zack), he asked cloud if he was okay after cloud got carsick.. and if anybody went back to the library in Nibelheim in third disc, you would catch the scene explaining what happened after Sephiroth trashed the town… Zack helped cloud escaped… and also, he was going back to Aeris… I thought that he was really sweet and optimistic… nice person… And the part about the best argument for Reeve (as u can see I'm just going down the list...), well I don't think that you should give more credit to Reeve just cuz he goes out there even when he doesn't need to...I mean so do all the other people in the game, do they have to go out too ??? NO...but they choose to... you think killing is easy for any of them ??? I mean you haven't heard any of the others say that they feel bad about killing...but does that mean all of them feel nothin' when they kill someone ????? And why bring Zack back if you are going to throw the girl that he loves to somebody else ? Oh, and to the person who said Tifa is a dork… #*$&^*#&^$*&!!!! (don't you agree, Frank? Hehe =) She totally rocks… and even if you don't feel she does, I still can't see how you can say she's a dork… did you take Barret to that date??? Kidding… but seriously, don't ever trash her, please =) I think all the girls are awesome (yes, even Yuffie), so please don't trash any of them =) Oh, and Frank, your fics kick ass. Come on, Frank, I'm on my knees here… Please help Zack out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and I did mean that your stories kick ass… 10 votes, 20??? Kidding… but I'm serious, or I wouldn't care about the outcome so much, right?) And I thought some of the Reeve arguments were long! But I have to admit, this was easily the best one for Zack so far. Well done!


First of all, stop bashing on the fact that Zack left Aeris to join SOLDIER! We all seem to agree that Zack and Cloud are very much alike. Cloud joined SOLDIER to impress Tifa. How do we know if Zack didn't have the same intentions? He might have joined SOLDIER to impress Aeris? Of course, if I don't add this, someone will ask why did he have to do that if Aeris already liked him at the time? I go right back to Cloud. He didn't know that Tifa liked him, eventhough he knew that he liked her. He was intimidated with her popularity, so he had to do something to get her attention, ultimately resulting to joining SOLDIER. Another argument that I feel is weak is that Reeve couldn't get another date. No doubt that he is more shy in comparison with Zack. But if you think about it, Reeve has much better other qualities. He might not be able to pick up girls, but he probably could balance his checkbook a whole lot better than Zack can! And we all know how high up that is on a woman's priority list when she's looking for a mate! There are women out there that want responsible guys and have nice educated conversations about events and ideas of the world. What I'm getting at is that the argument that Reeve should get Aeris just simply because he has no one else is simply ridiculous! Also, as already noted by someone else, how do we know that Zack wouldn't have given up his life for Aeris? Sure, we know that Reeve did, but Zack could've done the same if given the same situation! Actually, Zack probably would've done something even better. Given his experience, he might have somehow dodged the bullet, or quickly casted Wall, something! And than Aeris wouldn't have to suffer for feeling guilty about a possible death either! And don't say any stuff about Zack being greedy in this case about not giving up his life for Aeris. I'm sure that if it's possible, even Reeve would've tried do live. Did any of you guys ever get a date with Aeris? Well, she starts off with that it bothered her that Cloud and another person (which we now know as Zack) looked so much alike, and the gestures, etc. They look so much alike, but two completely different. She than goes on to say "I'm searching for you." Perhaps she still loves Zack, but because at the time he was thought to be dead, she wanted to find Zack within Cloud. And now that she finally sees Zack alive, she can not only help him with his memories, but he can also help her as well. As for the possesive part. I think it's more or less of a natural thing. I mean, c'mon, how often have you seen guys argue over a girl? You're really blowing this out of proportion! Zack really should be paired with Aeris. For one thing, the similarity between his childhood with Cloud's. Cloud left for Midgar to join SOLDIER to impress Tifa, he might not have made it to First Class, but technically, he did achieve his ultimate purpose. Yes, I know that Zack and Aeris aren't technically childhood friends, since he grew up in Gongaga, and she in Icicle Inn, but at the age of 14, one can still consider that "going back together." Unlike Cloud, Zack may have reached First Class, but at what expense? His memories? Perhaps even much worse than not making it to First Class. Also, perhaps if not for Aeris, Zack may not have remembered the names of the people in Gongaga in "JENOVA'S DISCIPLES." She might not have told Zack about them, but surely she must have triggered it somehow. If not her, than how could Zack never have run across anyone from Gongaga during his time with the band of thieves? That information, proved to be vital in locating the newer Jenova. That would surely show important Aeris is to Zack as well as to the AVALANCHE.

Doubt you'll give me a direct answer, but honestly, but did you decide to bring Reeve into the equation? You're right, you're not going to get a straight answer. Mainly because I don't understand the question. Just out of curiousity. Well, I'm a final fantasy 7 fan (duh) and if I tell you how many times I've played the game you'll dub my an obsessive freak or something. :-) so I can tell you right now that in my opinion Zack and Aeris are a better match. Why several reasons: I HATE the way everyone keeps calling Zack a Cloud Clone. Hell, he saved Cloud's life and looked upon him like an older brother. Sure they had their resemblences, but tell me, how many twins do you know (if any at all) that eat the same, speak the same, act the same, talk the same, etc. None correct? Correct. Twins can be completely different people That's because people are different. That's the way were are, and that's the exact reason i'm pointing out. For all we know, Cloud could even be a Zack clone, who knows. It's a possibility. Zack isn't 'insensitive'. Sure, he left Aeris to join soldier, but didn't Cloud do the same thing to Tifa? Let's face it, during those adolescent years 0_0 guys did strange things, and we can't blame them for it. joining SOLDIER was probably a dream come true for Zack, and in Final Fantasy 7 almost every one of the characters had a dream or ambition, so we can hardly fault Zack for doing what he wanted to do. He's part of Aeris's past, yadda yadda yadda... come on! What does that matter? Just because they had a relationship in the past doesn't mean they can't have one in the future. Just because time passes doesn't mean that any feelings between them have diminished. Sometimes the time apart can strengthen their feelings for one another, and that's true in many cases. I'm not going to call Reeve a dork. In fact, I think he's a pretty cool guy who could pick up any lady he wants. He should just be Aeris's friend and leave it at that. They can communicate well enough, but the,er, how do I put it... emotional connection isn't there. They haven't known each other for a long period of time, and it isn't like Aeris to make a rash decision. In slayers, Aeris tells Elmyra that she can't bear the hurt either one of them. and that's true, it's Aeris's nature to instinctively care for anyone, and no matter what someone's bound to get hurt. Seriously, Reeve would get over it more quicikly than Zack would (I know that that's not exactly can arguement, but seeing how each of them might cope...) I admit that Zack might somehow be obligated to Aeris because of their past, but the feelings are still there. With Reeve, he did do that chivalrous art of self sacrifice for Aeris, but anyone else wouldn't done the same thing, no matter what the case. Reeve has spent an accessive amount of time with Aeris, and that could be perhaps why he's so drawn to her. She's shown him nothing but kindness while some other characters have been... polite to say the least. Aeris is the only one who's really begun to open up and accept him, and adds to my arguement as to why he feels in need of her gratitude somewhat, and why it would be better for them should just remain friends. I tried not to repeat anything that I've heard other people express in their arguements, and if I have my apologies. I'm just trying to get you to look beyond Zack's, uh, 'buffness' so eloquently called, and try not to see him as a past object or another mirror images of someone, but as himself. And I think you did a good job

Okay... I think that it really doesn't matter if the person has really really good or really really bad points, Aeris is goin' to like the person because she likes him, gut feeling kind of thing. But what I don't get is why people are saying Zack is such a bad guy. He did nothing wrong in the whole ff7 game, being such a minor character. In fact, I think he did a lot of nice things. For example, later in the game, we found out that Zack was the soldier who went to Nibleheim, not Cloud, who was a Shinra guard. Remember when Sephiroth went nuts and burned the whole town down (sorry, stupid question... who could forget). Well, Zack followed him to the reactor and tried to fight him. Think about this. It is not his hometown, he only has one good friend (Cloud, who arrived at the reactor later), and it really wasn't likely that he would have won (140 hp vs. 3500 hp. I still don't understand why Cloud won). He could have ran out, but instead, he stayed and tried to help. How could you think he is a bad person after that? Even the argument that someone used about how he left his parents so cruely w/o letting them know where or how he was. That was because he was held captive. He disappeared for godsakes, and it wasn't by choice!!!!!!!! Oh, and that was what happened with Aeris too. He didn't choose to leave her. He was going to go back to her, but he was held captive. And then when he had the chance to escape, he didn't go off by himself, and instead helped Cloud too (who was very out of it). And he still rememeber Aeris and was going to find her in Midgar. Pretty good guy, don't you think? How can you hate him? And if you hate Zack so much, why do you like Reeve? He did some bad things too. I mean, he spied on the Avalanche, and then used a kid to blackmail them. Not the nicest thing to do. I know he proved himself later on, is really really nice, and i didn't hate him for it, but that trick he did was pretty low.I know you Reeve fans will be loath to admit it, but all the arguments in this one seem to be correct


Ok, I don't know if you're still doing this, but here is why I think she should pick Zack: First of all, I don't dislike Reeve, I just like Zack better, and Aeris is my favorite girl character, and I think she should have been with Cloud, but I see now that Cloud and Tifa make a really good couple, and should be together. And Zack seems to be the next best thing. I know that Reeve was willing to die for Aeris, and basically did, but I'm sure Zack would too, I know Zack would have. And for some reason, Reeve just seems too, I don't know, too week (for lack of better word) I guess, Aeris is probably stronger than him. Zack is strong as strong as Cloud, and fights the same. Now, this is my opinion, and I don't want the Reeve fans so be yelling at me because this is what I think. But know this, ZACK RULES!!! So pick him.

Anyways whoever Altim is, its all about Zack! I mean, well... lets see if you could follow me on this one (I'm sure you got some version like this). Zack and Cloud are really good friends right, I mean basically fought with each other (side by side), trained with each other, loved the same girl, etc. That makes them almost like brothers (if Cloud dyes his hair black...l don't think you can tell them apart!). Since Cloud has a girl now, Tifa I think its time Zack does also. Gosh its hard to put in words...lets see. Picture a group of friends walkin down the street. All laughing together, having fun, caring for one another. That group should be Cloud with Tifa, and Zack with Aeriss. I mean if you think of the picture again but with Reeve, it doesn't click somehow, Hmmm Reeve doesn't seem like the type who knows how to have fun... you know? He's all old and conservative, someone who like spent their entire life in front of some computer (hey isn't that us??) I believe so and got pushed around by Scarlet and that fat guy... Heidaggar?

I am here to tell you why to pick Zack over Reeve. First of all ZACK DID NOT LEAVE ARIES FOR SOLDIER!!! Every one keeps saying that and it is not true. You should cut the vote against any one who said that just because they don't know what they are talking about. Nice try Zack left for SOLDIER just because he wanted out of the Gongaga! Not to impress Aries! Heck, he didn't even know she exested then. After joining SOLDIER he met Aries and chose her over God knows how many other woman. And about Reeve giving his life for her. Zack would of done the same thing! It was just by chance Reeve was with her. And if Cloud was their he would have done the same thing, only Zack and him would have survived it without the help of Ellengio. And if Reeve wasn't willing to do it Vincent would of. Think he would just turn into Chaos and killed every one and then healed himself. Every one who thinks Reeve can't get another date are wrong. He isn't an ugly little weakling computer nerd. And as amazing as it sounds some girls actully like gottys on men. Zack is not a Cloud clone but almost the oposite. Zack had that hair before he met Cloud. Also he is much taller than him. And were did Cloud get his sword? From Zack! You can also see that they have different persanalitys. I got nothing against Reeve I think that he is one of the best characters but Aries should pick Zack.

Personally, I think if Aeris can't have Cloud, she should have Zack, I mean she was in love with him first, right?Short and to the point!

I want to say that you should pick Zack over Reeve. I keep hearing that Zack left Aeris to go to SOLDIER and impress her with his big sword, and then he never contacts his parents. Well first of all he left Gongaga becouse he wanted to join SOLDEIR and acculaly do something he enjoyed. His parents didn't blame him they new that Gongaga was not the most exiting place in the world. They had figured on him living so they said good bye and he left. He soon made it to SOLDIER were he met Cloud Strife who became his best friend. he then met Aeris and they started going out. AFTER HE JOINED SOLDIER. which means that he didn't leave her. Wow, that just smashed the #1 arguement for Reeve fans. now for #2. So what Reeve saved Aeris. Big woopdy doo! It was just chance that Reeve was in her group and not Zack. Zack would of done it but probobly survived without Elengio's help. And if Zack and Reeve were not thier Vincent could of got shot, turn into Chaos Beast and killed all the soldiers and they would of excaped. Hmmm, this sounds vaguely familar. Did you just send me that last email? No stacking the votes! The last main argument is Zacks a Cloud clone. Well guess what he's not! Zack has long spiky black hair and Cloud has short spiky blond hair. Zack is also taller than Cloud. Cloud took his Sword from Zack so that means the fighting stile is origanaly Zack's. but what really counts is personallity, and since the game didnt show much besides the fact that he would sacrafice himself for his friends and he loved Aeris deeply, which alone are reason enough for you to pick Zack. but most of his persenality is up to you giving Reeve fans no room to Argue about him having bad personality. There last sad arguementn is "Reeve so nerdy and ugly if you don't give him Aeris he will be alone for ever". They sink so low that they degrade Reeve for him to win. Talk about bad stratigy! one things for sure they shouldn't play Final Fantasy Tactics. Huh? This almost got you sent to the confused section Reeve is not ugly and he really isn't a nerd either. Infact to use that arguement against them Reeve has got more of a chance of finding a love besides Aeris than Zack douse. Zack has no memery and besides he will be huanted by Aeris' eyes keeping from falling in love with any one else. For my own arguement I would say that Aeris likes them both but who likes her more? Zack! The love that he has for her is the only reason that he is not insane right now. And Reeve well he just has a crush on her. To me he acts like any kid that I go to school with. And we know how annoying they can be He just thinks it is love. Reeve is a good charecter but he really doesn't know what true love is yet. he should be given time to find someone he really loves, and let Zack have Aeris who is the only person he will probly ever truely love. Well thanks for lesening to my humble opinion. I just hope you understand what I just said.


Ok, some thoughts. Please stick Aeris with Reeve! Aeris and Zack just dont' seem to fit. Find him someone else. hehe. Ok, maybe I'm biased, since I'm leaning toward Aeris and Reeve in my fanfic. But, hey, the poor overworked guy (noticed how he is sooo stressed and overworked in EVERY fanfic) needs her.

I also think Reeve should end up with Aeris. Zack had his chance and blew it.

I wanted to tell you that I think Aeris should pick Reeve because Zack had his chance with Aeris earlier. I mean they went out but he decided to go to SOLDIER instead. Anyway Reeve was willing to die for her! (I just read the last chapter to the Dark Shore!) Anyway I really think she and Reeve make a cute couple!

Hey! I've read through all of your works, and I'm commenting on the fact of Reeve/Aeris or Zack/Aeris. I'm biased more twords Reeve/Aeris because of a couple of things. Zack in FF7 played a pretty small role. Yes, he was in SOLIDER and Cloud decided to have his brain go gaga over him, Huh? but I mean when you get down to it, is Zack really that deep? Zack and Aeris is waaaay too much of an abused combination. Reeve kinda represents the nerdy-exec type guy turn underdog. It appears that Reeve also doesn't have a great deal of chances of getting dates Another one! Is he really that pathetic? considering the fact he hates Scarlet (slut *cough* *cough*) and was in the ye 'ole executive branch of Shinra. Final point: If Zack and Aeris ever got, well you know, it on.... Jenova cells + Cetra cells = Instant Chaos, or the proverbial Yin and Yang syndrome. Interesting argument. Never really thought of that Reeve, being human (I hope) wouldn't have that problem, unless he finds injecting Jenova cells into himself is a new fun thing. Most of all, Reeve controls that cute, cuddley cat, Cait Sith, IMHO, _the_ funniest character, and the _best_ off screen character.

And personally, I think Aeris should go for Reeve! I mean, he gives his life for her, and Aeris and Zack were never really that close anyway. I just think they'd go better together. I mean, that'd be a neat couple!

First, let me say before I forget, Amos told me to tell you to kill off Zack. Well, I think we all know where Amos stands on this issue

This might sound weird but I personelly think that Aeris shoud choose Reeve. (OK OK don't try to find me and kill me!) He's done so much for her . you saving her life blah blah . . . I really feel for him having to rival against Zack for her. Anyway I don't feel that Aeris is Zack's sort of girl. I would have thought that a more out going sort of girl would have been his type. Aeris is too. . . . . sweet .

It should be Reeve. Reeve is a lot more deserving. See the thing is that if both girls take the macho "I carry the biggest sword in the world" guy then that leaves people like Reeve, who have the same intentions but different ways of getting to it, behind in the dust. besides Reeve doesn't have to be out there. he could just send another Cait Sith, but no he goes out and he trys. remember he doesn't have any training. and he is the least experienced of all of them. killing people is not the easiest task, and then taking the blame for it when he could have just shrugged it off, shows a lot about him. Well put, and the best argument I've seen for Reeve

One more thing about Zack. He is one screwed up person...IMO people like that need friends before they need relationships...I mean look at eveything Cloud went through to get Tifa...why should it be easier for Zack....or maybe I just have a soft spot for Reeve

Come on make Areis boyFriend be Reeve. It will be more funny he is such a idiot. Who's side are you on here again? Please I want to see how it will turn out.

Personally, I hope that Aeris will choose Reeve over Zack.. I am not too sure why, I never really did like Cait Sith too much. probably just that it's virtually always the strong swordsman, or other similar character, that gets the girl. I think it would be nice to have the girl choose the 'other guy' in this case. maybe just me, but oh well :)

About Aeris and Reeve's romantic issue,I think Reeve should get her because he really does care about her and Aeris cares for him.Zack cares about Aeris,but only because he feels if he has her,he can get part of his past back.

I havnt read all the stories yet but I read some and all I want to know is are Reeve and Aeris gonna get together it would be unusual and Zack is a swordsman he should go on as a wanderer around the planet Reeve needs to settle down and Reeve gave his life to save Aeris it would mean nothing if those two didnt hookup

There is just one thing I don't like. Cloud should of fell in love with Aeris not dorky Tifa. BLASPHEMY! That counts as 10 votes against your pick! And since you did that anyway I hope you make Aeris and Reeve fall in love not Aeris and Zack.

Here are my arguments for reeve: He obviously likes her a lot! He nearly died for her in the game, Zack's face looks like that of a girl's, and his hair is really ugly! Getting a little personal here, aren't we?

I also think you should let Reeve get Aeris. Zack is just too much like Cloud but Reeve has that shy exterior that is endeering enough to go on whether she picks him or Zack, so I think Reeve should win that one. I'm sure Zack can find someone else with less difficulty than Reeve. There we go again!

Zack just isn't a very developable charecter. He's Cloud with black hair. Granted, if you spent alot of time and bored everyone to death, you could concievably pull it off, but also, he's really not that cool. Reeve IS cool. I'm not sure why, but the way you've got him going is actually pretty impressive, and a charecter who isn't compleatly jaded about anything yet is pretty cool. Also, the way that he's shy yet heroic is reminiscent of thousands of other books, but in this case, it actually fits pretty well. Anyway, you've already given him a head start.

Reeve would be much more dependable than Zack, true it was her first love, but he's too rough for some one like her, She needs some one caring that can listen, and I think Zack was better off dead, Have you been talking to Amos? heh heh any ways Reeve would be a better choice, I mean is there a need for TWO spikey haired offsprings? Hey, the kid could get lucky and take after Tifa I mean Tifa and Cloud's baby will be enough, but one with the power of the ancients? sheesh! no way man! c'mon! Reeve kicks ass he deserves Aeris! -sad puppy dog eyes- C'mon if ya do it I'll be yer best friend!! Actually, that could be an argument AGAINST Reeve

Oh, and by the way, I think Aeris should pick Reeve, mostly because I like him as a character more than Zack (though he's no two-dimensional cardboard character either).


I say Reeve and Aeris should get together? Why? No reason. I just like Reeve a lot better tha Zack. Heck, face it, Zack should be DEAD. Gone. No longer on this plane. Mori. Zilch. "Unable to fight." "Hitpoints fallen to zero." You get my point now?I think you made it pretty clear ^_^ And Reeve is just so darn likeable, he SHOULD get together with Aeris. Zack and Aeris simply do not belong together. Zack is so. . . macho. He's almost like another Cloud. Not that I have anything against Cloud, but geez, isn't one of him enough? Ack, I'm starting to ramble. I'll stop now before you fall asleep. Whoops, too late. *poke poke* Hey, wake up! Huh? What? Hey, I was just resting my eyes!

First off, people, quite calling Reeve a whimp and a dork! So he may not be the strongest guy in the game, but he's the nicest (guy) in my book. Also, he's not a dork! He's an executive who happens to look just fine, thank you. Okay, on to the real stuff. I think Aeris and Reeve belong together because they have similar personalities and similar ways of looking at life. Both seem to me innocents of a sort, never growing jaded no matter what evils they see. They also seem to view the world in pretty much the same way, never judging others or becoming overly discouraged. They seem to compliment each other really well in everything I've read for them. (Insert shameless plug: Frank writes for them really well Must have left that in 'accidently':) Oh, and this may be out of context, but Tifa is NOT a dork! Yeah! Whoever you are, you deserve to be punished! Okay, that's long enough. Sorry, I just got fired up on the "Reeve is a dork" stuff ^_^ Oh, and the "Tifa is a dork thing" got me too. Tifa happens to be my favorite female.

Sure, Zack has got the brawn and fighting skills and hasknownhersincechildhood, blah blah yadda yadda......but come on! Reeve has been making such an effort ... he was prepared to give up his life for her, for Chrissakes! Plus, I wouldn't want to argue with him - not while that Supershot ST is pointed at my head ...But Zack has that big sword...I guess we'd better just stay far away from both of them

YOU have to pick Reeve .Number 1 he would die for her unlike zack going to go run off to join SOLIDER because he wants to go show off his big sword and leave a bunch of other girls crying not noing when he will come back.Number 2 zack goes off not telling his parents where he is even after what happened at Nibelheim he still could have told them something.Number 3 HE IS JUST TO MUCH LIKE CLOUD if they both had the same color hair they could be twins they have the same sword the same clothes and there hair is to simler for comfert.If you pick zack why dont you make Barrets and have them marry each other. Say what? PLEEEEEEEASSE PLEEEEASSSSEEEEEEE PICK Reeve the underdog should allways win not the cloud clone

I have to comment on the Aeris-Reeve-Zack triangle. I am definitely a fan of Aeris and Reeve together over Aeris and Zack. Why? 1) Zack is an old flame. He is Aeris' past, and is still dead as far as I am concerned. He is just a guy with a big sword who is not terribly interesting as a character. He belongs in her past. 2) Of the two, Reeve seems more concerned about Aeris. He did not tell her he needed her because she was his only link to his past, he cared about her. He nearly gave up his life for her, clealry not expecting anything in return (since he thought he was dead). Sure, Zack has saved Aeris before, but he has yet to lay his life selflessly on the line for her yet. 3) Reeve is a far more interesting person that Zack. He's still not unfazed by everything, which is a refreshing change to all those near-invulnerable heroes whose depth is equal to that of a kiddy pool. Reeve is Aeris' future, not Zack. Let Zack find a woman who doesn't want much in a man, and give Reeve the break he deserves. Not bad, not bad at all

Oh yeah. Stick Aeris with Reeve. They make a funny, interesting, ungeneric couple. Ungeneric?

*coughReevecoughcoughReevecoughcoughReevecoughcoughReevecoughcoughReevecoughco ughReevecoughcoughReevecoughcoughReevecough* I think what we have here is a person in serious need of a Doctor

And in my opinion it should be Reeve for three main reasons; 1) Zack left Aris to join SOLDIER ( that much is aparrent in the game ) 2) Reeve has done so much for Aris before Zack came back in HOJO'S LEGACY 3) Reeve gave his life to protect Aris an act which in my opinion is one of the most honerable acts a man can do for the woman he loves. So that is my position on this subject. I realize that these points have been covered in other arguments. However my reasoning for the third point has not been given in any of the arguments.

Now, about this whole Reeve/Aeris/Zack ordeal. I believe that Aeris should choose Reeve over Zack both for story reasons and character reasons. First, we have to face facts. Zack *is* Cloud. They both have the same backgrounds, same fighting style, and same basic philosophies of life. This being the case, many of the readers want her to choose Zack because Tifa got Cloud. They are holding onto something that wasn't meant to be. I found it interesting that many of the arguements against Reeve were based on he wasn't a good fighter. Well, for their information, good fighters usually don't make good lovers. They grunt and take the girl. Hey, what's wrong with grunting? Careful or I'll sic Tim Allen on you! Reeve is not strong, and it is true that he may not be able to protect Aeris in a fight, but that doesn't mean he wouldn't try. Reeve also has more room for development, making him more interesting as a suiter. Reeve has gone from hiding behind Cait to standing fist to fist with one of the dark riders. And he seems to be more deep than Zack, who just wanders through the stories fighting. We really haven't read much of him thinking, just grunting Hmmm. There's that grunting again. Do I detect a trend? and swinging his big sword (you could even read into that, if you're that perverted). Character-wise, Reeve is still the best choice. What do we know of Aeris' and Zacks' previous relationship? She has said in both the game and the story that he was her first crush, but it was young and innocent. We have to ask ourselves how many of us go on to marry our first love. Many of us cannot even understand why we fell in love with that particular person when we were only 14. Now, after all these years, Zack shows up again and the only thing he can remember is Aeris. That's all he has for memories. Aeris, on the other hand, has had many years of experience to mature and grow. She is not the same person anymore. Reeve also is more concerned for her well-being and usually asks what *she* wants. This has been shown in many subtle ways. When they were all mounting chocobos in Book 5, he begins to ask if she would like to ride with him. But Zack rides up and extends his hand as if saying, "of course she wants to ride with me." In the hotel in Book 4, Reeve is embarrased to have to share a room with her, and when she reasures him it's alright, he asks what bed she wants. Zack would have strutted past her and thrown himself onto the bed *he* wanted. And in Book 3, Reeve doesn't really want to stay up there at the city of the Ancients, but he stays just so Aeris won't show up to find them gone. The most important indication that Reeve is right for her is shown in the two bedroom scenes in Book 5 with Reeve/Aeris and Zack/Aeris. After seeing her reaction to Ellegio's explanation of the crystal materia, it is Reeve who goes to her room to comfort her. In this scene he tells her how important she is to everyone,including himself, and that they would've brought her back even if they had known. When she refuses to stop blaming herself, and even blames herself for his getting shot (another reason he is more deserving), it tears at his heart. He surprises her by getting upset, then more calmly tells her she is worth the troubles because she gives them hope. It was then that, seeing that his words made her feel better, he couldn't hold his feelings in any longer and kissed her. Immediately realizing he shouldn't have do that to *her*, he appologizes and runs off in embarrassment. Zack, on the other hand, only goes to her when he thinks she's involved with Reeve. He acts jealously like he thought she was his the whole time. When she runs off in tears, he goes to appologize. But what he ends up talking about is that by living with outlaws for so long he was used to just taking what he wanted. The one deep thought that he does express is that the memory of her was what kept him going after losing everything else. But what we have to realize is that memory is just that, a memory. Aeris isn't the same person that he remembers. The fact is she can help him get his life back without dating him. All I can say is, WOW! I wasn't expecting a college disertation!

My opinion is that Reeve should be with Aeris. I've noticed his and Zack's behavior toward her and here are the differences. Zack merely regards her as someone he knew, his chief link to the past; he can't remember their time together. Plus he has been described as a ladies man so he should have no trouble getting another girl. Now Reeve, on the other hand, is very nervous and shy around women. Reeve needs Aeris, far more than Zack does. Besides, it wouldn't make a lot of sense for Aeris to start dating someone she had a crush one when she was only what, sixteen? I think it time for Aeris to move on from Zack

You want begging? I can beg!! -gets down on floor, kisses your shoes. Serves you night and day. Goes to work for you- Hell, i'll even write it for you!!!!!! JUST PICK REEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Bout time one of you Reeve fans took the hint

And the Zack,Reeve thing you've got going on. I'm probably a little late for this considering you've already posted other peoples opinions but here goes: Nope! Not too late You should definately stick Aeris with Reeve. And you could probably relate considering you put Cloud with Tifa which was an excellent choice... I really don't have a good reason to back up my opinion, other than Reeve is such a quiet wussy guy,Yeah, we've heard that before! that deserves the girl.


Okay, I would just like to say that Reeve and Aeris should get together. At first I was leaning towards Zack, but then I read the end of dark shore and Jenova's Disciples, and realized how posessive and two-dimensional Zack is. I mean c'mon! Reeve risked his life for her man! I think Zack is kind of cool, but he only likes Aeris for the sake of his past, and not any other reason. Besides, if you're smart enough about relationships to put Cloud and Tifa together, whoever you want with Aeris is fine with me, you obviously know what you're doing.

PLEASE PUT REEVE AND ARIS TOGHTER THEY BELONG TO GHTER I DONT WANT TO TAKE UP MUCH ROOM OW YA CANE YOU PUT MORE STUFF ABOUT VINCENT IN YOUR STORIES HE SEEMS LEFT OUT. And people complain about MY spelling maybe you should put in a new charter named Andre Andre? Hmmm, wonder what the name of the person who sent me this email is? cough cough cough your stories are great cough cough cough. Looks like we might be looking at an epidemic here

Concerning the discussions on Aeris pretenders (hope I´m not too late) I would be inclined to choose Reeve. I guess he is just her type. Aeris is an innocent, peaceful person/Creta/whatever which shoudn´t end up with a warrior. She would prefer to age in her flower garden, next to her sweet kids and loving husband. This relation would be much more interesting than one with Zack. I don´t think that Reeve would be able to love another woman, while Zack is just starting his life (no memories, no pretenders). Hell, Zack could end up with Priscilla :) To borrow a term froma Amos, hey, ever hear the term 'Statutory Rape'?

Well, since everyone is throwing those Zack-Reeve opinions at you, I guess I'll throw one too. Duck! Well, I say Reeve. I don't really have anything to say against Zack (don't get me wrong, he's cool too) but Reeve seems to be the more... whatstheword... personal? No... considerate? I guess that's the word. I mean, in the game, he felt totally guilty for spying on Avalanche, and tried his hardest to make it up for them. He even sacrificed himself (well, sorta) at the Temple of the Ancients after that Wall-boss-creature-scarything attacked to get the Black Materia for Cloud and Co. Sure, he only lost a cat- mog-robot-thing, but it's the thought that counts, right? ::looks around for support:: He also seems to care about Aeris more, seeing her as a person, not a memory. (Oops, now I'm saying bad things about Zack ::hits herself on the head:: Bad. Bad) Anyhow, I've seen these people calling Reeve a wimp. Hellooo? He sacrificed himself for Aeris! It takes guts to jump in front of a gun to take a bullet for somebody even when you're certain you'll die! Lemme see onna you people do that! ::crosses arms and looks around:: See. Point made.

i think that Reeves should get Aeris. Of couse its your story, but this is what i think. Here is why: -Zack can get girls easily, he's a macho guy that girls usually swoon over anyway -Reeves is the underdog. He's like Cloud was in the beginning of FF7. He is not that strong, but always wishing that he could do more. Zack is overly confident anyway -I never saw the reason for Aeris and Zack getting together. They just dont seem to fit each other. -Quite honestly, Reeves looks cooler than Zack. Im not saying that Zack looks stupid (although he and Cloud DO look like they have a BAD hair day), its just that a suit and goatee sounds cooler (and looks cooler) than a blue shirt and pants and an overly large pigsticker Zack always was a pale imitation of Cloud anway, he was just there in the game because it was to help Cloud find himself. Nothing else. He's two-dementional! He's too like Cloud to be able to have any real meaning to the story -Guns are cooler than swords (although i respect a swordsman more than a sharpshooter) These are my arguments against Zack and for Reeves. Now im not gonna go off on a limb and tell you to kill him, i just dont think there is much of a story there if Zack does get her, but again... it is up to you.

please give reeve a chance with aeris he deserves it and besides zack can always find someone else. You could say that zack and aeris have out grown eachother (please!!). Give reeve a chance. Let me refraze that. Give reeve aeris NOW. Hmmm. Getting a bit belligerent, aren't we?

Okay, this is probably a lil' bit late, but I'm going to voice my opinion here on the Zack/Reeve issue. Be prepared for a freakin' term paper. First of all, they all have their pros and cons. Everybody does. But I'll just point out a few things here......while Zack may have had Aeris' attention (and I only mean "attention", because she told Cloud that she only "liked him for a while") in the past, that was before he had to go and join SOLIDER. After that, just like real people would do, they drifted apart. Zack was busy following orders, getting beat to a pulp in Nibelhiem, getting shot in front of Midagar, things like that. And Aeris probably decided that he wouldn't come back, so she decided to get on with her life, so that's most likely why she went after Cloud in the game. So far, your characterization for Zack is a good one, and it seems to fit: He's the tough guy who can handle any situation. I picture him as a babe magnet. From what I picture, he doesn't seem like the type for a kind, gentle young woman like Aeris. You ought to create a female character that'll fit his type pretty well....maybe a "Bad girl" type or something. Even though in the role-playing chat me and a friend did on AOL (which is done, but only in script format so far, if you want to take a look at it), Zack asks Aeris to marry him (and for the sake of things, she says yes), I think that Reeve and Aeris would make a better couple. However, a point comes up: How old is Reeve, anyway? I mean, if he's still in his twenties (like, late twenties) at this point, then it's good. Then he's only about 5 years older that Aeris. But if he's in his thirties, then the age gap seems to be a problem. You never really established his age in comparison to some of the others, as they didn't in the game itself. I'm figuring at this point in the storyline, Aeris is 25 Aeris is 24 at the start of Slayers or so, and that Reeve is around 28. Of course they never say in the game how old Reeve is, so we can only conjecture. But I think early thirties would fit. Possibly, but less likely, late twenties. That's a good age difference. So if Reeve is within a reasonable age, the combination will seem all the better. Lastly, just look at the reasons Reeve and Aeris would "go" together better. They're both people that are on the meek side (hey, I'm not saying that they're wusses or anything!), and they both watch out for others. Zack is.....well, Zack is off someplace else, killing things with that big nasty sword and playing the hero, which seems to be his main interest, not Aeris. Reeve is there for Aeris, and obviously really cares about her, and while sometimes she seems to still have her attention on Cloud (forget it, Aeris! He's taken!), she seems to show more interest in Reeve than Zack. Okay, I've blabbed enough and taken up more of your time than I should of. One thing I can say about you Reeve fans, once you get started there's just no stoppin ya

I am writing this concerning the zack vs reeve thing first of all aeris cares for both men but zack is exactly like cloud and cloud is with tifa so why should you give the other girl to to the other guy with the big sword hes one of those'' im going away for five months'' and probably be with other girls but reeve isnt the type who could attract a ladies attention and he cares for aeris and he didnt have to give cait up but he did and now he is weak but who cares because fighting without skills is like suicide and to bring up the point again he took a bullet for aeris which is like dying for her because she didnt know he was brought back to life That's got to be the longest run on sentence I've ever seen in my life

Anyway... I think you should put Aerith with Reeve! And here are some reasons... It's such an original idea. I've NEVER read a fanfic that put Reeve and Aerith together, and never really considered the idea myself, but I like it! I think you've actually set them up pretty well in your stories to get together. Their personalities fit together so well... and he really cares about her (he *died* for her!). You've made Reeve such an interesting character, with a lot of development and depth. Zack, on the other hand... I have nothing against him, but he doesn't really have a lot going for him. Yes, he went out with her a long time ago... but this is the present, and he really doesn't *remember* her, just her face. And that scene where he goes ballistic when he sees Reeve kiss Aerith... just a little possessive, isn't he? Well, he did appologize I think it was incredibly egotistical of him to assume that Aerith would still go for him after all this time, and to get mad if she *dared* to choose someone else! On the whole, I feel mostly ambivalent towards Zack (who was really such a minor character in the game), but Reeve is so cool... although Cait Sith *sucks* (sorry if you like Cait Sith, but I thought he was absolutely useless).All right, I admit it, I wasn't too fond of the stuffed cat either, but he wasn't that bad!


Also PLEASE HAVE AERIS PICK REEVE,HE LOVES HER SOOO MUCH.He pratically died for her if it weren't for Ellengo.Zack cares for Aeris,but only because he feels if he has her he might somehow get his memory back.Zack is way too arrogant,that's why he wasn't worried Reeve would might get with Aeris,But when he heard what happened he almost kicked the shit out of Reeve!!Reeve isn't Mr. SUPER ACTION HERO like he said,but at least he's trying his best.I can't understand though why he doesn't ask one of the other members of Avalanche to teach him how to fight fist to fist[like Tifa]though! It takes years to learn that kind of stuff Aeris is only not sure because her attraction to Zack is in the past where it should be.Thanx for hearing me out.Later.

My preference list for who gets Aeris goes in this order, from highest to lowest: 1. Reeve 2. Altim 3. Rude 4. anyone-else-in-the-whole-bloody-world 5. Zack Zack is so brutal, so posessive, that any pairing off with Aeris would quickly become abusive. I don't see anywhere in the game or my stories that you could find support for that statemnet Zack is much too much more physically powerful, and after the initial sweetness wore off of the relationship it could sour quite quickly. Alse there is the Jenove/cetre thing which has already, i believe, been called to your attention. Even if he didn't want to hurt her, who knows what those cells gould get up to in the height of passion? It could be a clashing of the cells catastrophe! (geez, i'm glad this is anonymous) You sure about that, George? Aeris and Reeve, however, are a much better character match. They both fit the character type of the "little (or not so little) kid with the big heart." Also, i feel compelled to jump on the "he-gave-his-live-so-he-should-get-the -girl" bandwagon. No better show of affection exists if you ask me. (and don't you DARE say you didn't at that!) Finally, Reeve likes to please her, likes to make her feel wanted. Zack wants to keep her, almost it seems at all costs. You tell me which relationship would still persevere when they're old and grey!

Strictly speaking, my vote is for Reeve. However, I'd like to address a major point in the argument; namely, that Reeve took the bullet for Aeris. Reeve fans consider this to be a major event, since it proves Reeve's sheer selflessness and love. Zack proponents have made light of it, saying that Zack would gladly have done the same, given the chance. However, if you think about it, what would Zack do, had someone been aiming at Aeris with a gun? He would have pulled out his sword, and run screaming and slashing wildly at the man(well, maybe not screaming). Yeah, he doesn't really strike me as the screaming type. But who knows, that may have worked Reeve, instead, seriously considered what he tried to do when he convinced the man to shoot him instead. He didn't even think about himself, but he did what he did after seriously considering it, instead of leaping into attack mode as Zack would have done. In my mind at least, that was a far more selfless act than anything Zack would have done.

I realize that you probably already have your mind made up about who Aeris is going to choose, Bzzzz! Wrong! but I thought I'd point out one thing that just screams "Pick Reeve!!!" I know that as of Oct. 2, no one who has e-mailed you has said out that something screwy might happen if Zack and Aeris have kids. Bzzz! Wrong again. My, you're not doing very well on this quiz at all. I'm afraid you're going to have to stay for extra credit if you expect to pass Zack has Jenova cells, and Aeris is a Cetra. If Zack passes on the Jenova cells to his and Aeris' kids, there's a few possibilities: the kid would be stillborn (because Jenova and Cetra can't survive in the same body), the kid would have disabilities or diseases (from the Cetra and Jenova cells constantly trying to wipe each other out in the kid's body), or (a great plot possibility?) the kid is totally normal... except that she could concievably do some weird thing, since the Cetra side lets her use the White materia and the Jenova cells let Jenova make her summon Meteor with the Black materia. Thanx for your time. Hmmm. You may be giving me some ideas here...

Reeve gave his life for Aeris (well, almost). Now, in real life, if someone were to jump in front of a moving car for you ,and somehow survived, would you just give "thanks" and a peck on the cheek? I highly doubt it... Especially if that person was of the opposite sex. You'd be astounded that someone would do that, and most likely fall for them. It just seems rather odd that Aeris would hardly recognize was Reeve did for her. If she didn't, she's basically a stuck up b---- Whoa! Don't you think that's overdoing it a bit? There is a difference between gratitude and love. And though gratitute can often lead to love, it is by no means guarenteed who doesn't give a darn about anyone but herself. However, we know she's not like that, and that should be reason enough we know that Aeris would fall for Reeve. If not because of love, because she felt she had a debt to repay. But is that a good reason to live the rest of your life with someone? Everyone knows Aeris would do that, thinking of others instead of herself!

I really don't see how age is such a problem here? I might be much more liberal with age than most people, just because how I was raised (my parents are 7 years apart, age-wise). Besides, there are some people suggesting Tseng! C'mon, he was a Turk when Aeris wasn't even in her double-digits yet! Also Aeris really needs to move on, many times with Cloud, especially when he kept on insisting that it was too dangerous, and she couldn't go with him! Zack would do that, only to irritate Aeris even more, and the only reason Aeris would choose Zack would be because he was her first love. Reeve would never hold Aeris against her own wishes! Aeris needs someone that would offer the more romantic style, not the macho person that Zack portrays. Aeris also would like to have someone that she could share life's simple pleasures with. Telling stories, talking/planting her flowers. It's difficult to picture Zack potting plants, and would probably refuse to do such a thing to keep his identity. I do highly doubt that Reeve has potted plants before either, but he would probably welcome the idea of learning how to. Ah yes, the great potted plant controversy! Reeve is not a wimp! He might not be the AVALANCHE's MVP, but he is not a burden either! He isn't getting captured continuously and the team must save him! In fact, one must give him credit for growing much more courageous by far much faster Yuffie has matured (which really isn't hard, but that's not the point). The team has taken the advantage of another hand to cast spells. He could be concentrating more on defense by casting "Wall," "Regen," "Haste," etc. While the others take care of the offense. Eventhough that it's not going to get any "highlight reels," it is still a very important part of the team's plan and style. Also mentioned, he risked his life for Aeris' safety! That in itself tells one much! He probably also spent hours in the planning of Infalnia. My father's an engineer, so I know how long and how much work it goes into planning one building! It would be hard to imagine an entire town! Talk about dedication!

I must conclude that Aeris and Reeve are destined for each other. Or something like that. The evidence is just to over-wealming (in my mind, at least). 1) Reeve's respect and admiration grows into devotion and attraction (Hojo's Legacy/The Dark Shore). 2) Reeve vows to protect Aeris at all costs; takes a bullet for her, in essence dieing for Aeris (The Dark SHore). 3) Reeve always treats Aeris with respect, defering to her wishes. This can especially be noted in the chocobo scene in 'Jenova's Disciples'. (Hojo's Legacy through Jenova's Disciples). 4) Aeris' talk with Shera shows that she feels Reeve is 'special,' *strongly* hints she reciprocates Reeve's emotions. (Jenova's Disciples) 5) Ellengio states that he saved Reeve because he was " Aeris," which can be interpreted as meaning Aeris is beginning to love Reeve. (Jenova's Disciples) I do not feel that Zack is a good choice for Aeris as he is consistantly presumptive, aggressive, and childish, lacking the intelligence, consideration, devotion and quiet passion that mark Reeve's feelings toward Aeris. But, I feel that this arguement may not sway you, so I will end with the following... Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please let Aeris and Reeve be together in the end! Hmmm. A scholar. I'm surprised there weren't any footnotes

I personally think that Reeve is a good match for Aeris. Zack had his chance and completely blew it, but he is a good person so I dont think he should be left alone. I think he should get together with a slightly younger women who just happens to have a huge crush on Cloud. Now if time passes and Priscilla grows up a few more years and got together with Zack that would solve multiple problems: her crush on Cloud would finally be over because she got someone very close to him in appearance and just slightly different in personality; This would consequently solve the problem of Cloud and Tifa getting married without having to break Prisicilla's heart; Priscilla is 14 and Zack is 24, so it would have to be about 4 or 5 years before this could even be considered. Somehow I don't think I can wait that long before I resolve this. Then there's Aeris and Zack of course, fixing up Zack would leave Aeris free for Reeve who really does have deep feelings for her and deserves a chance with her if nothing else.


I prefer Zack: A.Because he's stronger and will protect her B.It's her first love C.Zack got to her first And we all know how important first dibs is Not Reeve because: A. Even though the gun is handy, he needs to show MORE guts. B. It's just a friggn' crush. C. Reeve came a little late to lovin' her (no offense, Reeve) Even though Reeve is cool, reason B is more logical, Don't you think? Could be

You know, you should really pick Reeve, but as I look at the amount of material you've recieved, I don't really have much to say. Er, what that guy said! And that guy! And the other guy!(Sucking up to Frank: You rate one of my favorite authors. Asimov, you, and the other guy whose name I can't remember.) Yeah! That other guy! He's one of my favorites too! There!

First of all, I've done a survey with my friends on who should Aeris pick. I told them about what Zack and Reeve did, and here is the response. Reeve: 14 Zack: 11 Just goes to show what your friends are like Simple enough, but there were people who wondered why you didn't select Cloud. i told' em: 'Look, the chap had problems there as well, he doesn't need two headaches!"Yeah! Secondly, I think you should follow your advice that Tifa gave to Aeris. You should choose what you should think, who would be most fitting and deserving. You'd probably say I don't know, which is fine, but if you really want Altim, for example in, because he is a fav character of yours, but maybe affraid of others who want someone else, don't be. Most people won't mind becausee your fanfics rock. (By the way, congrats for your award on Jenova's Disciples.) And thirdly, if anyone else asks you that Aeis should have gone with Cloud, squash them like a grapefruit. Oooh, that would be messy!

reeve vs zack controversy not sure if these ideas have been said previously, but: the decision must be pretty difficult, considering the full weight of literary history bearing down on you; tolkien, etc, told the story of the underdog (often thrust into a dramatic situation) winnning against the odds. a cornerstone of the sci-fi genre is built on the idea of the underdog. you know, star wars (puny rebellion against galaxy-spanning evil empire) and stuff like that. Thanks a lot for the added pressure anyway... why i think reeve is tops. what i see in the story is a parallel to dreams a lot of people have in life, specifically the one about the prettiest, most popular girl in the school, the stud, and the quiet nice guy. the stud courts her inn his style, and the nice guy does his quiet thing. the girl of course doesn't know how popular and pretty she is. now, we all care about the quiet nice guy because we see a little (or a lot) of ourselves in this character. here's the guy who has a big heart and a lot to offer, but is hung up in personal insecurities and has no way to express himself... he's shy, he's weak, he's got a goatee, Oh no! Not a goatee. That's the kiss of doom! whatever. we read about him or watch him in the movies, struggle with him through his hardships, feel a little of that heartbreak when he sees the girl with the other guy; we identify with him because essentially this is the story in our own lives. to some extent. but then he is given a chance... and he's nervous, he looks down at his shoes, he stammers a little, but he also begins to shine... just a little glimmer... but the girl has seen it, and everything has changed. the girl smiles. We feel the thrill in his happiness because it is essentially ours as well. we think maybe this can happen to us... someday. it's the classic underdog. nice guys finish last a lot. we look to our storytellers to tell it how it should be. Well put!

I have to pick Reeve. By a *huge* margine. From what I've seen Zack has seemed to care hardly a whit about what Aeris has been feeling. When she torn up about the return of the new Jenova creature it's Reeve, not Zack who comes to comfort her the best he can. Zack doesn't say a word about it to her. His problems of trying to get over what he did back at Cosmo and the reactor seem to be more important to him then her grief. As a women if a man showed that much jealously when I wasn't in a definite relationship with him it would be quite a turn off. I see even more of that in his unspoken demand that she ride the chocobo with him rather then Reeve. Personally I don't see him as loving her so much as becoming a bit obsessed with her. It's more of a "need" for him then a "want" which I personally see as quite a dangerous relationship for Aeris to get herself into. Not sure about the dangerous part, but it's a good argument Reeve on the other hand genuinely shows compassion towards her. He's there when she needs him to the point of giving up his life for her if need be. He's proven that. He also respects her feelings which is again proven by the fact that he doesn't selfishly force his opinions on her. While Zack all but tells her even half jokingly "choose me or I'll hurt Reeve." Reeve simply stands aside for her to sort through her own feelings. And leaves the choice all to her which is far more honorable. Anyway... Just thought you'd like a women's point of view on that.

I think that Reeve should go with Aeris. It always seem the tough guy and the tough girl go together that are perfectly matched and expected...Tifa and Cloud, Vincent and Elena, Yuffie and Reno, etc. I think it would be a refreshing change, not to mention extremely interesting. I like how you took Reeve instead of Cait Sith's body. :) I think it was tragically lovely that Reeve took the bullet for Aeris, and I think it'd be cool if someone that wasn't so expected got together.

Reeve should go with Aeris, not because Zack is a sucky character or because he's macho. I mean, obviously he's not that bad if he apologized to Aeris after getting angry about the kiss, and he cares for her alot. But like I've read in many of these letters for Reeve, he's the underdog. Reeve is more of a materialized person now, and not someone controlling a machine. True, Reeve appears weak, but somehow it's always the person that is the quiet, weak sort who ends up saving everyone else. Look when Reeve, Cloud, etc. were battling with the Riders, and Aeris came and did the Banish Evil thing. Everyone thought she wasn't the best at fighting, but she saved thier lives. Again, you come to the thing where Reeve saved Aeris' life. Obviously he must love her a great deal, not to mention, just concentrating on her face took the pain away somewhat when he was shot. Therefore, I think it, as I said in my previous letter, it would be a refreshing change. Hey! Another person who's stacking the vote!If Zack went with Aeris, it would be almost an exact repeat of Cloud and Tifa in a way. Strong guy, and the girl.

Who should Aeris choose? HHmmmm I think (but many other people might not like) Reeve seems to be a better pick than Zack. Also with Zack not remembering his past, he has changed. Also I have a feeling he would just break Aeris heart some how.

Reeve is a better choice. It would add a litte bit more twist to the story. Hey, I like this one. Short and to the point

And now onto my personal opinion in the Zack vs Reeve Pay Per View Special =): The short version is, I think it should be Reeve. Readers beware! Stop here unless you have nothing to do for the next twenty minutes. The long version is, I think it should be Reeve and I'm going to tell you why. Reeve and Zack are both perfectly valid characters, and I can see precisely why they would both be after Aeris. But Reeve has something Zack doesn't: A solid base for his feelings. Zack is up in the air right now. All he remembers are a few scraps of his life back in Gongaga brought to him by the run in with Jenova, his time as the cruel Swordsman-- and Aeris. He dreamed of her at night. Her eyes shone in his mind whenever he stopped to think. In a way, Aeris has become to him a signpost pointing back the way he has come; and he feels that if he follows her long enough he will eventually come full circle and feel that he is back home once again. He looks at her and sees the girl he knew and liked once in Midgar and wants desperately to hold onto her as the last remaining shred of the life he *knows* he had once but cannot recall. This is not to say he doesn't care for her. He does. She is a kind girl and caring, and she is a faithful friend. But she is *not* the young girl he once knew-- she has been through too much and has grown to know too many things even since he has remade her acquaintance to ever be so. If he won her over, he will be disappointed with his victory when he realizes that it's no longer as simple as happily ever after, as it seemed when they were 14. Reeve is a different matter. Whereas Zack knows Aeris now and recalls her when she was a young girl, Reeve didn't meet her until she was an adult. He watched a determined young lady cope with the Planet's pain, fight through opposition more ruthless than humanity itself, and finally sacrifice herself for the sake of millions she never even knew (and I don't care how many times Zack has been told what happened; hearing the story is nowhere near as shaking as *being there*). And while on that quest, he learned something about himself. Any rationality or goodness he'd ever seen in Shinra died with the old President, and he defied Rufus, the Turks, and the rest of the executive board when he rebelled against their plans. Zack starts a rebellion, he wades out in front and starts hacking away with his sword; Reeve stepped out with nothing-- *nothing*-- to save him if he were caught. If he had died in Midgar for his betrayal of Shinra, there would have been no one but the executioner by his side, and all Avalanche would have known of it was that Cait Sith's animation would have gone and the stuffed toy would have ceased to move. It's a different, quieter sort of bravery than Zack's, but I must refute those who make their arguments for Reeve based on "he's a wimp and a dork and he needs a girlfriend." He is courageous. And just like Aeris, he would rather sit and suffer quietly than disrupt her life; when he vows to protect her as far as he can, it's a silent promise. Even Aeris doesn't know. He is afraid to speak up in case he ruins her chance for happiness with Zack. Look how long it took him to say anything-- anything at all!-- and afterwards he is so terribly afraid he has done something to make her unhappy, he runs. Personally, being a girl of the female persuasion ^_~, it holds a lot of appeal to know a guy would rather see me happy than his. Zack cannot let go of Aeris; Reeve is willing to if it gives her the chance for contentment. That's my two cents on the topic. Hope it helps you decide one way or the other. For what it's worth, you made the right choice with Cloud and Tifa. In a way, Cloud *is* a little like Zack in that he and Tifa were separated for a long time; but unlike Zack, Cloud doesn't cling to Tifa in a futile attempt to draw memories of what was and what had been from her. He liked Aeris in the first place because she was beautiful and held an innocent sort of mystique-- but it was Tifa who proved which parts of his brain were being truthful and which were being false, and she came to know him as he *is*, understanding that Cloud would never again be who he *was*. Zack, unfortunately, has not yet figured that out.I don't know how many people read though this whole thing, but it was another good argument

My turn to clutter your mailbox :) Before anything else, I think we shouldn't read very far into the game as far as Zack is concerned; he's a bit character Square put in to move the plot along. Hence I'm going to stick mostly to your fic. After all, that IS what we're talking about. 1) Zack's an asshole! (Although I'm glad he has some character asshole is more interesting than the faceless Cloud-clone he was :) Face it, both his performance after overhearing about the kiss, and his recent accusations of Reeve following Aeris' disappearance, are immature, unfairly (and unrealistically) possessive, presumptuous (ooh, double alliteration! ;), antagonizing, and so on. Honestly, Zack is one of the most selfish protagonists I've seen in a while (even more so than Cloud was at the beginning of FFVII), and while love isn't logical, it's hard to imagine Aeris (or anyone!) falling in love with such a person. What connection does she have with him, besides an fairly insignificant past? (I mean, would _you_ date someone just because you had a relationship with her years ago? I wouldn't.) A lot of times a previous relationship can lead to a very strong bond 2) I agree that Zack probably would have sacrificed himself for Aeris' life. However, while Reeve clearly had little expectation of being rewarded (well, he expected to die, but that's besides the point :), you have to wonder whether Zack would be earnest. I can't imagine him NOT using the sacrifice as a trump card against Reeve, something Reeve has refrained from doing. You're probably right there 3) I could say that Reeve is nice, cares about people (remember what he did during and after the Midgar parachute raid?), has an interesting, deep character, and so on...but twenty-seven dozen people have already done it for me, some of them surprisingly well ;) 4) Again, my stunning (that was s'sposed to be ironic) suggestion for a conclusion: Zack can go off -- almost like Kain in FFIV -- and live for a while (I mean a WHILE :) as a hermit, or something along those lines. It's fitting in two ways: that he should want to repent and attain some inner peace (cheesy, I know, but it's better than a stupid Zack / Aeris couple), and he should simply be ashamed to live among the others. Or you could stick him with Priscilla ;) You're not the first person to suggest Priscilla for Zack, but I'm afraid she's still a little young yet 5) The Cetra priestess idea really isn't that bad...maybe make Aeris the hermit after all the stress from her suitors? =)

On the whole Reeve vs. Zack thing, Zack SUX! I mean, he is infused with mako AND Jenova cells, which is bad. And what if he and Aeris had a kid? Lifestream+Jenova+Cetra cells? AHHHH! Why does everybody assume Jenova cells are inheritable?That would be total chaos! Now, Reeve on the other hand, he is AWESOME. I mean, unless he is controlled by little green men from Mars, he and Aeris would be the perfect couple. He is kind, caring, compassionate, has absolutely NO JENOVA CELLS, Certified Jenova cell free!doesn't go around beating up other people's robots like Zack did when he messed with Cait Sith, and he gave his life for her. That is something you can only do once, ya know. Anywayz, Zack sux, he should be killed off (Yes, I have been talkin to Amos), You and a lot of other people and Reeve should get the girl. And if it gets me bonus points, I think Tifa is the best character, too! I've said this before to other people. Nice try

I would just like to say--if it's not too late--that Aeris should get together with Reeve. All those other letters have already brought up all the reasons I think that they should, so I won't repeat them. Please, I'm begging you! >gets down on her knees< Please, from one Tifa fan to another, PLEASE hook Aeris up with Reeve. Another person trying to use the Tifa connection!

....Not Zack!! Please pick Reeve! I think he is so nice. He's like the underdog, as I read has been written repeatedly. But Zack is just so generic and typical of the girl to get. Poor, big strong but lonely guy needs someone to bring him back to reality. I think Aeris is a nurturer, and she could help Zack OR Reeve, granted, because they're both shy and stuff. But Reeve just seems to be so much more deeper than Zack in a way. Sure, Zack is deep too, since his charactierization has been more deeply involved. But so has Reeve's. I mean, in the game, Cait Sith wasn't really a person. Bringing Reeve into the scene, it's so much more complicated since he went through all that stuff with Aeris to begin with through Cait Sith, but the real person who fought with them is there now. U know? It's like Reeve's alienation from the group since he doesn't use Cait Sith anymore brings his character to life to life so much more than Zack. Zack lost his memory and can only vaguely remember Aeris, therefore his character has to be made from scratch since it can't be based on the original game cause he can't even rememeber himself. I just like Reeve so much more, and he and Aeris really fit. Please let Aeris have Reeve, and not Zack. It would be so much more, I dunno, touching I suppose. Adieu...thanx for listening


And if you're still in the sutiors thinking, you might want to place Altim there! Although actually I wanna' see more of him, he's already become my favorite character. And I bet you all thought there weren't any other choices

Im sorry but CLOUD SHOULD BE WITH AERIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ISnt that why he brought her back to life? *sigh* I guess some people will always be living in the past

I always thought Aeris and Sephiroth would make a cute couple Hello! Anybody home? He KILLED her, in case you hadn't noticed. That doesn't put you at the top of the list in my datebook!

You should bring back Tseng. He was my favorite character and he really cared for Aeris Quit picking dead guys!


I don't believe that Aeris should be with anyone... she's not one who looks well into a relationship.... she cares about EVERYONE too much.... and it'd be just strange to see her intimate with anyone..... although i think she'd understand everyone elses feelings about her..... i truely do not believe, number one... she could handle a relationship, number two.. she desearves one.... so thanks for you time.... and keep up the good writing! Ah yes, the virgin Cetra priestess thing!

If anyone suggests Rufus, do me a favor and beat the living piss out of 'em.


I kinda agree with the 'Cetra priestess' thing. I mean, c'mon you know Aeris. She probably wouldn't want to hurt either one of those guys, and I'm beginning to wonder whether HER (not theirs) feeling for them actually extend beyond that of friendship. I mean, she isn't oblivious to what's transpiring around her, but she had enough problems from that tifa-cloud-aeris triangle, and I doubt she'd want to go through the whole thing again. Remember, she came up on the loser end of it, so she knows how it feels to be rejected, I don't think she came out of it too badly and wouldn't want the same to happen to either zack OR reeve. It's true that Zack is part of Aeris's past, but then I agree with the arguement that she should move on. Then AGAIN (oh yes, I'll just bore you with some more debating on the subject...) that's just the point, they HAVE a past, and it's a known fact that there's no denying what happened before, or whether the feelings are still there. What's that saying again... 'when the fire is relit'. Reeve on the otherhand never really knew Aeris from before. He always hid behind that Moogle of his, and only recently came out into the open. But he does care for Aeris I admit (even more so than Zack, who knows) and did risk his life for her. That really says something about his character. Overall, I'm afraid the decision comes down to you. I just wrote this to express some of my opinions, and perhaps even the possibility of leaving Aeris single should you decide to make 'Mind Slayers' the concluding series. Oh well, hope you survived my endless babbling.

1) Choose someone else, someone COMPLETY unexpected. This way the Reeve fans can't gloat or Vice Versa. Why not give her to Rude, NO one would expect her to get together with a Turk. Of course you could add a new character and have one of those disgusting love at fist sight things. Disgusting? 2) If you really wan't to suprise everyone and destroy the dilemma you could just kill Zack and Reeve or maybe even Aeris. Killing any of them off would be the easy way out After all she died once so it shouldn't be a new experiance for her. Be warned that this option may lead to death threats and guys with Sephiroth swords screaming "Let's see how you like it!!!" as they slide it into your body. No thanks, I have this odd affinity for staying alive!

First of all, well, this is gonna' be brief. Whoever and whichever people keep on trying to change your mind or show you their view, they're only showing you their view. This is starting to become a pain reading how they think they're squabbling and 'convincing' you, I still say that your choice is yours alone. Weigh who you think is better, whether or not she should even end-up with a boyfriend, or maybe leave her hanging at the end. Pick Zack or Reeve or Altim or maybe even put-in a new character for her! Its your choice (well, except Cloud.) Note to the idiot out there who thinks she was revived because Cloud loved her: Misread of the characterization, he would try to give her life back because he viewed-it taken-away unfairly. Back to Frank. I wouldn't have cared if you'd put Cloud with Aeris then because you, unlike so many other Fanfics, did NOT have Cloud revive Aeris because he loved her. Now, however, you've kept them in characterization, he ended-up with Tifa and it would be out-of-character if you changed that because someone says so. But with Aeris, you're possibly starting-up something as big as her perishing. Hey, didn't you say something about being brief earlier? I wonder how many people are just saying Aeris should end-up with so-and-so just because so-and-so is their favorite character and itd be cool to see them together. I really am annoyed with these people bossing you around, I don't consider it bossing me around. After all, I did ASK for opinons I don't know if you're pleased with the result of people bossing you around or what, but pick whoever you choose to pick, or none at all. And don't say that sounds like bossing you around because that's the onl way I know to say that. Okay, that's that. Please put the whole thing, unchanged You got it. And may I just remind you all out there that opinions on this web page are individual opinions and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the management of this web site


Aeris should go with Altim. Before everyone sends in hatemail at me, I do like Zack and Reeve and don't mind any way the 'contest' goes. However, an idea occured to me as I read the first part of the mind slayers. As Aeris is going to the mountains, why not send Altim there, or rather, he is there before her on some sort of expedition, perhaps materia, perhaps to take control of the 'Swordman' except in a better way of Zack. Altim does love her and the reason why he would be perfect for her is this. He has BOTH Zack's and Reeve's highest points in him. He has Zack's bravery (as shown in trying to protect her from the rapists) and Reeve's shyness and kindness (shy to speak the first time they truly meet, he converses with her well after he plucks up the courage, and he helps her escape when everyone else is against him), so if Altim gets picked, I wouldn't mind, and I think this is a good argument for him (probably not, but what you gonna do? Apart from kill me.....Somehow I think it's MY head they'll be after

The virgin Cetra priestess thing..... hmmm.... I'm all for that!

I've just finished reading your thrid book. I HATE IT. What planet are you from? Aeris and Cloud were meant for each other!! It says so in the video game(Temple of ancients, Ciat Sith looking at their stars). May your body sink deep into the darkest trench and rot for all eternity. All of my friends would crucify You!! Ahh! Another adoring fan But beside that, i like it! Hmmm. How long have you been suffering from these bouts of schizophrenia?

Of course, theres also Ellengio who would be a perfect match for Aeris being that they're the only two Cetra left alive, but he is just a bit old for her and doesn't deserve her as much as Reeve or Zack. Actually, if you think about it, since they are the last two left they're kind of obligated to mate for the future of their species. Hmmm...


I think Aeris should go with Barret.... Hmmm. that's an interesting choiceI mean, look at the poor guy..his wife was killed, and Aeris is good at raising kids..Plus, Barret is a nice guy even if he does wave his arms around too much...I think, their're resonable well suited for each other...I have nothing against Reeve, Zack or anyone else...well, except Ellangio..but that's beside the point...Let the poor guy (barret) have someone! Actually, that's not a bad argument

I maintain my neutral postition in the interlude, but just a few things I'd like for you to convey. 1. No one cares who can get another date. They both want Aeris, not another girl. 2. By now Reeve does have enough strengh to protect Aeris, but from what I've seen Zack is sensitive enough for Aeris, too (although barely). 3. Aeris does not have to date Zack to help him with his memories. It's just I get angry when I see these useless arguments. If either is picked it should be for a good reason.

Why not bring in another (main) female character and then flip a coin (let's say Zack heads, Reeve tails), then have Zack or Reeve fall in love with her. For a even bigger twist make the new character a ceta, don't you agree that would satisfy both sides. (well probably not) Actually, the flip a coin idea is getting more and more appealing

You said, 'Aeris is not going to come out of this badly.' Oh no, not badly at all. She's just got the choice between to two worst people in the game. there's Reeve, the girly-boy ponce who is weak physically and mentally and what's even worse, he has a goatee. Then there's Zack, the guy with the lion's mane for hair and the girls face and if he had a bad day, he would probably come home and beat up Aeris because of his temper. The worst two in the game? I think Palmer and Hojo could give them a run for their money Personally, I think you should use Altim as Aeris love. I had an idea: Zack and Reeve are arguing over Aeris in front of her. It starts to get violent and it looks like Aeris could be in trouble. Meanwhile, Altim can't forget Aeris and comes to visit her. He arrives just in time to save Aeris and she realises that she loves him. It's just a suggestion, I'm not telling you how to write your story.


Wouldn't it be ironic if Aeris loved Cloud and Zack, while Cloud loved Aeris and Tifa, and Tifa started to have feelings for Zack and vice versa? This isn't a soap opera, you know

Aeris has me confused, does she have a crush on Zack, again? and what about Reeve? I thought he has a crush on Aeris, but I'm not sure how she feels for him...This person sounds as confused as I am


Why dont you just have every one have sex toghter so no one feeles left out and every one is happy Taking lessons from Bill Clinton?


I like Reeve I like Zack Although it isn't stated, I felt that when Zack was killed in the game, he was re-united with Aeris. I kind of hoped this was true because it would be unfair for this NOT to happen. But, I favor Reeve for no undefined reason of mine. Reeve is too old if he's in his thirties, can't protect Aeris even if he tried, and I hate it when people change the characters drastically in stories (ex. Cait to Reeve, Tifa to Mako Infused) even if it turns out awesome. If it wasn't for the fact I was so young when I first saw Star Wars, I would have hated it when LS's hand was cut off, but I grew up with it and saw what an amazingly cool thing it was. Even in the beginning I hated that Barret had a gun hand because each time he held Marlene -- well, what was she thinking? (By now you've inserted a bold/italic font with the words: "What is this nut job talking about?" Why do you think you're in the 'confused' section? or "Who's side are you on anyway?" - but I'm on Reeve's). Anyway, Zack was dead. He was in a sense, but what's happened to him makes me want to think that Aeris should love him because of his pain and past. They had a past together as well, so... isn't it supposed to be them? (Lemme say, I'm debating this with myself as much as with you) But I can't place my hand on it, but maybe it's because Reeve is so much more like myself, that I favor him. He's a caring, good-natured guy, who will comfort you when you need it (hear that girls...?), but he's a whimp!!! I like him and all, and the way he got Nipala (I always think of a nipple when I say it, yes I am a pervert) A confused pervert. This could casue serious problems for you at some future date was cool. But .....Reeve? Well.... Reeve gave his life, which doesn't go to say Zack wouldn't. Jesus, you really screwed me over. There's no deciding OBJECTIVE evidence. Aha! A flash of insight! But the thing is, if Reeve get's her, Zack should either die, go away, or get someone for himself right away. I just like Reeve. Against Reeve: * too old * too whimpy * too whiny * Zack's her man * Zack WAS her man * Zack needs her * Zack's stronger and can protect her * Zack MIGHT give his life for her * Zack remembered only her when he was "dead" * Zack still thinks that she's his (which again is subjective to POV, but means he still loves her) * Reeve is CAIT SITH!! For Reeve: * Reeve is caring * Reeve is loving and tries his best * Reeve is shy (which I think I am, another personal opinion thing) and so shy he ran away when he kissed Aeris, something which I actually found cool when you wrote it! * Reeve stayed with her when she had the Crystal Materia (I dunno what that's saying...) * Reeve comforted her when she found out why Jenova returned * Zack should be dead * Zack is too macho (although sometime in the future Aeris needs to learn to listen once in a while, I'm serious) Ladies, what do you think about that one? * Reeve gave his life for her * Zack didn't comfort her * Zack treated her badly during Hojo's legacy * Zack is exactly like cloud... you need to develop him more. Cut off an arm or something (ha, that was a joke about my hatred of changing charac.... yeah, you got it.) Also, I noticed more votes for Reeve than Zack, but don't base your decision on that. Also, I have more evidence for Reeve. That's really nothing. For some reason it seems just not much. I like Reeve an' all, but I'll be dissapointed in either case. I'm sorry to say this, but I hope you don't make this decision for a while.

Hey, do you know what would be a great idea? Aeris is pretty much the "spokesperson" of all of the humans on Earth, right? Well, wouldn't it be great that she became that "Virgin priestess thing," and got "promoted" again. And then becomes a goddess. But because she's now a goddess, the group and see her anymore. But Aeris misses them too, so she creates a Summon materia so they could summon her for help if they need her help, or maybe just to talk to her. Oh, and of course, she would be Elemental Holy.Aeris as a summon. I have to admit that's an awfully original idea

OK, here's the thing: Most of these people e-mailinging you about the Zack/Reeve/Aeris thing are guys, right? No, not really You want a female's opionion? I can hardly wait Too bad, you're gettin' it any way. One of those people said somethin' about girls swooning over macho guys. Sorry! It's not just that!! What about a guy with a brain for instance? Somebody sweet like Reeve, maybe? But a cute guy's nice too :) And how many guys have swooned over Aeris? Four, I believe. Tseng, Cloud(Yeah! Cloud did like her!) Absolutely ,Reeve and now the back from the dead Zack! Aeris take a bow for sucessfully getting four men! Five if you include Cait Sith but I don't think he counts.Cait doesn't count, but you forgot Altim Have you ever thought of going completly on the rebound? Like, making Tseng come back and have Aeris go with him, Yuffie and Zack fall madly in love, Reno trailing after Yuffie like a wuss, and Reeve becoming a hopeless drunk? This is where the confused part comes in No, I don't think so. I wanted Aeris and Zack together once you brought him back, but noe Reeve seems like a good choice since both Aeris and Reeve are nice people while Zack's a boring SOLDIER? I actually like how you made Zack how he is in the series. In the idea of killing Zack, HE ALREADY DIED!!!! HOW COME YOU HAVE AERIS GOING FOR GUYS THAT WERE ONCE DEAD LIKE HER?!?!?! Maybe it works out better like that. So now that I've wasted your time, I say you choose who, but I think Reeve would be a better


why dont you have rufus date aris they where both dead so they could talk about the good old dead days The good old dead days? and what about scarlet and the fat guy in the brown Ah yes, the infamous Palmer. God knows what he's got to do with all this whats his name ow well

Ok,ok, by now you are sick of hearing my opinion. Too bad! The next guy that tells you to pick Altim, stab him in the eye or something. Oh my, there does seem to be qutie a few of you out there with violent tendencies. You guys all need to get some counseling COME ON! YOU were the one who made him up, he was a minor character, AND he was a thief! And a complete Wuss at that! And he's what, 18? PUUULEEESSEE! Can we say "mentally disturbed?" Hmmm Wouldn't be too liberal with that mentally disturbed tag if I were you (I know what you really want to add right here. Don't.) Oops, too late! Oh, and one thing about Reeve vs. Zack. Squaresoft has apparently made hair a big issue in final fantasy from now on. Now granted, Reeve's hair is nothing special (he does have that cool goatee), but zack looks like he got in a fight with Vidal Sassoon (however that's spelled). No really. If you watch closely during the scene at the northern crater where Speh creates that fake Niblehiem, Zach has a diferent style hair than cloud. It looks like a peakock with pointy black feathers is attached to his head. It makes his head look very big, (we all know his brain could be mistaken for a small rock of earwax) and also looks very ugly. I had this pegged for the Reeve section until I got to that last paragraph

Secondly, after having read chapter three, I would argue more than ever that Zack would be a poor choice for Aeris (provided you haven't actually made the decision yet, of course). His actions were deplorable and he has now lost my sympathy for him. Hard as it may be to get used to having competition for the girl who was your only link to the past, I find that his nearly killing Reeve makes him and unstable and unsympathetic. If this were classical tragic story, I would say that Zack would have to die. On the other hand, so would Aeris and Reeve, and probably most of AVALANCHE. So, I guess its a good thing that this isn't a classical tragedy. YEAH! Kill 'em all! Thanks for letting me rant.You're welcome

I finally got something through my thick head! Hard to believe Zack likes Aeris BECAUSE she is the only thing that he has from his past and otherwise is completly lost. But, the downside to that is that he is a shallow character. Therefore, I have to agree with Amos. Kill him. Gee, another violent one. What a surprise

you have to have Reeve and Aris be toghter for a lot of reasons that i dont feel like going in to.ok one.if ZACK MR.brain dead machow looks to dame much like cloud had a baby with Aris the the poor child would go in to weaiord tantrums and start yelling and screaming at the planet And we all HATE when that happens!


When I first started this page, I didn't have any awards, so I decided to be a bit creative and come up with a few of my own. Here is the result:


I'm like a pack rat. I never throw away any of my email. You might want to keep that in mind. Actually, if you send something to my hotmail address that will eventually be deleted because of limited space on the server. I have things sent to my regular email address from waaaay back, however. So I culled through the one's from my first year on the internet and found some you might be interested in taking a look at. Who knows, you might spot an old email from yourself if you've been around here long enough. As in the interlude, bold are my comments.

Okay the first one is actually an email FROM me, not to me. Its the form letter I sent out to various web sites to see if they would post the Search for Aeris. I was kind of embarrassed to even post this here since it is severly lame!


Let's face it, I'm a Final Fantasy VII fanatic. I think it's the best game ever.
I've seen a lot of FFVII websites and I think yours is one of the best.
Okay, enough kissing up. Don't know if you are interested in a FANFIC, but I've got an FFVII story that's really GOOD! (If I do say so myself). It takes place about a year after the events in the game and is about their efforts to find a way to resurrect Aeris. All the main characters are back, of course, including the Turks (there's even a cameo by Sephiroth!) I would like to get it posted on the web but I don't have the time (or the talent, I humbly admit) to develop a website myself.
If you think you might be interested in adding it to your site please feel free to contact me at
Final Fantasy VII Forever!

First email that I got that pertained to my website. There were some before this, but I don't have a record of them.

21 Apr 1998

> Greetings, If you're having problems with webspace, why not try applying for free webspace at geocities, or at Fortune City? Geocities offers 6mb, while Fortune City gives away 10MB. These services are absolutely free, that way you won't have to take out any of your stories. ^_^ By the way, Good Luck on "Hojo's Legacy." It's starting out as a strong story. Sephy

And here is the first one that actually contains a compliment:

> Hey...nice page...I saw you only had 1 MB of space for your page....I would suggest Geo( for a free homepage with 6MB. The 6 MB helped me out a lot when my page was at geo...well good luck. > > • Alexander(Sephiroth)

Okay, so nice page isn't exactly that great a compliment, but hey, when it's the first time anyone has said anything nice about your site it still feels good!


Amos Hunter wrote:
> Excellent fanfics... keep it up!

Okay, that one really is a good compliment, and yes, this was indeed none other than the Amos mentioned in Jen's Birthday Ramble


> Hi im writing to say how much i enjoyed "The Search For Aeris" it was truly excellent im just starting to read your other works but if the first one is anything to go by they will be excellent.Keep up the good sorry i mean excellent work and please e:mail me as soon as possible. Im quite the hopeless romantic and i just cant wait to see who Cloud finally chooses (it's not an easy task poor cloud).Well anyway bye. P.S. When do you expect to finish your latest work (hojo)? EXCELLENT WORK.

The above email is from the webmaster of the first site that posted TSFA. Sad to say, that site is no longer around.


Icy Brian wrote:
> Cool page! I love those awards. I'll be glad to post up any of those stories. Just let me know which ones you would like me to put up. Peace!!

Icy Brian posts TSFA on his page


> Hi. > > I'm writing you from Sweden to tell you just how wonderful I think your continuation/fanfiction about how they resurrected Aeris is. Yesterday I wrote you a much longer e-mail which bounced, but I now try again in the hope that it will work this time...
> Your fanfiction "The Search For Aeris" is very delicately and skillfully written. In fact I think it is so good that Square should consider publishing it as an official continuation - or maybe alternative end to the story. Regardless of if you write FF7 Fanfic's or anything else I would think you to be a GREAT author.

Hey, my first email from a foreign country! (Okay it impressed me at the time! ^^)


> Frank, > You have some really impressive stories on your page. I have read several other fanfics (not just from your links), and without meaning to sound flattering, they are really great. What I like most about it is that your stories are the most faithful to the game.
> I can really understand why it takes so long to write a story... butI really am DYING to know what happens at the end of "HOJO'S LEGACY." Put them up, ASAP... PLEASE!
P.S. Make Cloud choose Tifa! ^_^

My first email from Nelly, who would eventually become the inspiration for the character Lai Li. Hey Nel, I haven't heard from you in AGES!


> Hi Frank, it's Amanda! Sorry it took so long for me to write, I've been INSANELY busy around here. I was gonna write tomorrow (Which I will cause I'm exausted) but I just had to let you know I saw this...YOU USED MY NAME!!!!!! Not MY name, but the Nipala one!! WOW! You don't know how totally AWESOME I thought it was when I read that line, I practically had a heart attack! I never thought you'd actually use that name (Not that it was a bad name, I just thought you would have gotten a better suggestion from someone else)
Wow...I'm still shocked...Anyway, who knows...mabye Amanda will make her appearance (unless she already did...I haven't red any farther than chapter 5 yet...but the name caught my eye in chapter 10 as a skimmed through it..'d better get to bed now, talk to you later...

From the text it's obvious this is not the first email I got from Amanda, who was the inspiration for the character (surprise, surprise) Amanda in the Mind Slayers, but it's the first one I can find. (As you can also tell from the text, she's the one who suggested the name Nipala) Later on when I realized I wanted to kill Amanda off I emailed her to ask if it was okay and she said no. I did it anyway. She as VERY unhappy, but after many apologies, I'm happy to say we are still friends!


> Dear Frank,
I love your writing!especially the internet books.They are cool,great,amazing,descriptive.(did I mention how great they are?).PPPPPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE start writing the dark shore soon.pretty please.pretty pretty please with a moogle on top.

Hey, people are starting to get enthusiastic!


> Hey! I'm writing to tell you how much I love your stories. The Final Fantasy VII Internet Series is my favorite fanfics series our there. But I'll get straight to the point. I am currently creating my own webpage (Which hopefully will be on the web by the end of the month) and I'd be honored to post your stories in my fanfics section. I would also love to include a link to my page. So, I'm asking for permission to post them. When my site is up, I'll be sure and e-mail you again with the adress.
Thanks for reading my mail and keep up the good work! :)

First unsolicited request from someone else to post my stories on their site. Looks like I don't have to beg anymore! Cool!


> You know what? You've won the Reno Literature Award! I haven't got a pic, but you can put it in the awards section. If you really want to know, I think your site has the best pics of all time!

My first award. Yay!

> It's too late. I'm now an alien :) (I really do know what alienated means, I just couldn't resist.) Come on, I mean, She died. For Cloud. I mean, it Tifa won't say anything, She's just gonna lose her chance, and Cloud's gonna get Aeris. GIVE THE MARTYR (So to speak) A LITTLE REWARD< WON'T YA?
Okay. I've lost my voice now. Sorry about that, but it just seems that if she has to die, you might as well reward her

First complaint about having Cloud choose Tifa instead of Aeris. Okay, I have to admit this one's pretty mild.


> I stumbled upon your page while looking for FFVII fanfics. I absolutely love to read them. Well, the good quality ones. I'm not to keen on the ones that make the characters look like out and out idiots. Anyhow, I wanted to say that I just finished The Search For Aeris, and I enjoyed it immensely. You are a really talented writer. I plan on returning to finish the other books ASAP.
I also read your fic about Cloud's mix up with the dates. I personally found it hilarious, in a good way. By this, I mean, I've read some fanfics that attempt humor through, how shall we say, uh, well gross methods. I refuse to read those. I have to say, I wasn't the least offended by your leaning toward Tifa in the book. She happens to be my favorite too. I also happen to really like Cid and Vincent. Consequently, the fanfic I'm writing centers mostly around Cid.
Well, it's late here, and I should be heading for bed. But, I thought I'd send you an e-mail with my thoughts before that.

My first email from Jen, ^^ my creative consultant, coauthor and friend for life.


> when are you going to update??? I really liked your two other stories, and now I am anxiously awaiting an update on the latest one. Do you have an estimate as to when you'll be updating or what?

First person to bug me for an update ^^


> Hi! I'm ghostgal and I wanted to tell you that I think Aeris should pick Reeve because Zack had his chance with Aeris earlier. I mean they went out but he decided to go to SOLDIER instead. Anyway Reeve was willing to die for her! (I just read the last chapter to the Dark Shore!) Anyway I really think she and Reeve make a cute couple!
See Ya!!!

And the great Zack/Reeve controversy begins!


> Hey,
I got a question for ya about FFVII: How do I break the crused rings curse? What do I get when I break the cruse and what does it do?????? Please answer ASAP,

Frank's reply: I'm afraid I can't help you. I don't even know where you get the cursed ring in the first place, and I haven't seen the answer to that anywhere on the net either. Sorry Frank

I didn't even know about the cursed ring. *sigh* I was so naive!


> That story was *INCREDIBLE*!:) I have a question of sorts, and I know it's a bit strange; you see, I disliked FFVII extremely because of the death of Aeris (there are quite a few alarming questions brought up by it), and so when I heard of the Hamster Republic FF-like engine to create games, I was captivated; I thought I might rewrite FFVII for my own liking.:) However...I then read your story and was so captivated by it that I was wondering if it would be possible to try and adapt that story into a separate game? Just an idea I'm toying with.:) I enjoyed the story. Thanks again for your time.

The first of many (and as far as I know, none ever completed) attempts to create a game out of one of my stories


> I think that your site sux!! making up those dumb awards!! Those awards are the dumbest looking things on the web!!

Yes, here it is, what you've all been waiting for, my first flame! (Actually it's quite possible this isn't the first one and I just deleted all the one's before it). If you want to see what this person, and I use the term loosely, was talking about, you can see them in the awards section above

7/21/98 - 7/23/98

Frank makes an enemy (won't be the last time!)

Unnamed: > hey I just finished an ff7 fan fiction

Frank's reply: You mean writing one, or reading one?

Unnamed: > writing, moron, why the f@#% would I contact you if I finished reading one?

Frank's reply: Oh my.I hardly expected so vehement a response. It seems we've gotten off on the wrong foor. So, in the interest of internet goodwill, let me start over again from the begining. So, you've written a story. Good for you. Congratulations. That's wonderful. Let's have a celebration. Yeah, that's it. Let me call all my fiends. We'll have a party. Better yet, let me tell the whole neighborhood. Even better, the whole country. Break out the champagne. Shoot off the fireworks. Why don't we have a parade down Times Square. You can shake the Persident's hand when he gives you the Pulitzer. What the hell, let's declare it a national holiday. You're gonna knock Ulysses out of the number one spot on the best novels of all time list.And in case you're still stupid enough to be reading this, I've just got one question, and I'll try to make it real clear so even you can understand. You wrote a story. What makes you think I give a shit?

Okay, so maybe I got a WEE bit carried away


> HEY what's up?!! With all this pairing up (I just finished Hojo legacy), why hasn't Reno found anybody? I mean come on! He's my fav character! I got an idea (like always)... Make it a new race, ya know a mutation kinda thing. But not some ugly human that looks more like a turtle. I was thinking maybe a person who had been spliced with a vampy bat. Who did the splicing is up too you, but she should like human from head to toe except for a pair of batwings on her back. I think it would be cool, and so do a lot of my friends, who all REALLY like your storys. I tried submitting this idea to other webbies like you suggsted I do, but they either just didn't answer my mail, or said that they weren't writing any more stories.
PLEASE DO THIS FOR ME!!! I am not the begging type, but I really wish this story could be real. Please keep in touch!

The first email I can find from Vengali, and this idea eventually became Roshnialu. Incidently, Roshnialu means 'Beautiful Strike'


> Im sorry but CLOUD SHOULD BE WITH AERIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ISnt that why he brought her back to life? The stories are good and all but as a writer myself, have some concepts! I love your writing, its art!! But have some perspective. For example, I dont give my favorite charecters all the glory,
I twist it around a bit to see how it all goes. If the outcome isnt well....good, then I change it a bit and see how that goes. By the way, "the search For Aeris" and "Red Fist" was exellent!!!

Yo go girl? First time anyone ever said that to me!


Oh boy, another flame!

> HAVE YOU EVEN BEAT FINAL FANTASY VII!!!!! I find your segment called, The Date an Insult to Aeris. Cloud cannot accidently schedule a date with both Tifa and Aeris on the same night, Aeris is dead!!! HAVE YOU EVEN BEAT THE FIRST CD!!?!?!??!

Frank's reply: It's called humor. Obviously something you have no concept of


> Well, if that's the case, then I'd be glad to help. I'm sure that I'll be able to find time to write at least one chapter. I just have a small favor to ask...and that's to please tell me when my turns up at least a week before the deadline. I usually conceptualise the plot in school and type everything down during the save time.

Celyne becomes the first writer to be foolish enough to join Second Chance (well, except for Jen of course)


> Oh, ok. Do you know of any Aeris fans who have written a GOOD ressurection story? It really pains me that we Aeris people have not been able to churn out any good ones, and the best one so far was written by a Tifa fan (yours, no offense!).

Kind of ironic, don'tcha think?


> Well, you don't know me, but I've been reading some of your stories recently, and I have to say they're great. These are unbelievably good stories and I just e-mailed you to ask if you were going to continue writing them, cause I'd hate to see these wonders stop. It's like the game never actually stopped, and I'm being serious!
But, well, here are just a FEW critiques that could help you. I don't mean to insult you, but it could make writing the stories (if you're continuing to do so) easier/better (if they can get any better, they're so good.)
Barret and Cid were always cursing and talking with improper grammar. Although you do have this in some places, they never really talked WITH grammar at all. I like the stories anyway and there is no point in shifting dialogue now, but you scored great with Vincent and Red's dialogue. The jokes are wonderful, and especially Yuffie and Reno's cracks at each other. I've only read up to story four, it takes longer since I can't print out such long wonderful works of art, but do you have any plans on hooking them up? That would be great.....
Anyway, the last critique that would wonderfully improve the quality, which is all ready is excellent, is spell-check. I know it's difficult to spell check an entire 100 page story, let alone read it over (I'm cooking one over here that's 129 so far, it's not FF7 though) but spell-check IS easy to use. The idea comes over though, no worry about that. And I mean no offense when I say this, the story is great, spelling is fine and the pictures it creates and dialogue are superb.
Keep up the great work!
Oh, and bottOm is spelled with an "o" before the "m". not an "e". FYI that's all.

First (of many) person to tell me how to spell bottom!


> Wow, you're almost to 20,000 hits! Cool!

20,000 hits. Hee hee. We're really going WAY back here


> C'mon, please! I cant figure out what your age is, and it's annoying the heck out of me. Tell me, please, please!

The first of many to make this request


WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU"RE DOING!!!!! I've jst finished reading your thrid book. I HATE IT. What planet are you from? Aeris and Cloud were meant for each other!! It says so in the video game(Temple of ancients, Ciat Sith looking at their stars). May your body sink deep into the darkest trench and rot for all eternity. All of my friends would crucify You!!

Cait Sith. Hahahaha!


01/24/98 - Oh No, Not Another Final Fantasy Web Page makes it's debut on the web. It's starts out featuring The Search for Aeris, a few bios, and I think I might have had Materia Girl and the Date up too, but I'm not sure. My ISP, Netcom (which has since been taken over by Mindspring which was in turn taken over by Earthlink) gave me 1 MB of free web space.
02/04/98 - Adwards section (spoof) added. No real awards yet!
03/10/98 - The first few chapters of the Red Fist are posted. When I first started out, I couldn't decide to post each chapter as I wrote it or wait unitl I had finished a story to post it. The advantage of waiting is that if I have to make any changes to the story I can easily go back and do it. (It's the way it's done with all books, after all) The advantage of posting each chapter as it's written was obviously that the fans get to read it sooner and the site is updated (and therefore visited) more often. In the end, as you all know, I went with posting each chapter as it's written.
03/20/98 - The Red Fist is completed. I'm getting most of this information from my update section (c'mon you don't expect me to remember all this!) and it doesn't say in there exactly when I started work on the Red Fist, so I don't know exactly how long it took me. In the beginning I didn't write an update every time I updated the page just when I felt like, which really doesn't make a lot of sense since that's what updates are for, but what can I say, I was just a beginner!
05/09/98 - Ran out of room at Netcom. Moved to Geocities. Hojo's Legacy is complete. Again, I didn't mention in my updates exactly when I started it, but I'm pretty sure I didn't take any time off between these two stories, so if I assume I started it right after I finished the Red Fist it took me about only a month and a half to complete.
07/04/98 - The Dark Shore is complete. Again, assuming no break in between stories, this one took two months. Slightly longer but I'm sure you probably noticed that as I went on the stories tended to get longer, at least up until the Mind Slayers
07/15/98 - The site is officially listed on Yahoo. It took them seven months! What a bunch of... Yahoos?
08/03/98 - The first short story, the Edge of Twilight, appears.
09/05/98 - Second Chance is begun
09/15/98 - Jenova's Disciples is completed in slightly over two months. I make a prediction that the next story, the Mind Slayers, will be done sometime in December.
09/26/98 - The Interlude appears on the website, and the great Zack/Reeve controversy begins!
10/01/98 - The first chapter of the Mind Slayers is posted. I receive an award for Jenova's Disciples as Best Fan Fic of 1998 with three months still left in 1998. I found that somewhat amusing.
11/29/98 - Jen and I decide to write a story about our favorite characters and Balance of Power is begun.
01/10/98 - I change my prediction on when the Mind Slayers will be done to sometime in February
02/12/99 - The Mind Slayers officially becomes the longest story on my site, a title it still holds.
04/12/99 - The site registers its 50,000th hit.
05/28/99 - I change my prediction on when the Mind Slayers will be done again, this time to July.
07/05/99 - The Fan Art section opens.
07/26/99 - The Mind Slayers is FINALLY completed, ten months after I started it and eight months later than my initial prediction of completion. The Mind Slayers was originally written as the last book in the Internet Series.
08/29/99 - The story Shards makes it's first appearence.
11/08/99 - Jen's Birthday Ramble is posted.
11/19/99 - I add a Mailing List to the site.
02/27/00 - I add a poll on the site asking what kind of story I should write next. To (I suspect) no one's surprise another book in the Internet Series is the overwhelming choice.
03/11/00 - Shards is complete after more than six months.
03/24/00 - In the first of many attempts (none of which turned out particularly successful) to give fans more to do than just read, I added a quiz to the site
04/02/00 - The first chapter of Shadows of the Past is posted, marking the end of the longest period of time (a little over eight months) in the history of this website where I was NOT writing the Internet Series
07/07/00 - The site is revamped to the black and white motif that it still possesses today
09/02/00 - Added a crossword puzzled to the site. I made it myself and was quite proud of it, actually!
10/08/00 - Balance of Power is complete in slightly more than nine months.
12/18/00 - Shadows of the Past is complete in eight and one half months
12/25/00 - The Great Mousse Hunt is posted.
01/29/01 - The Soldier and the Flower Girl makes it's debut.
03/04/01 - Added a forum to the site.
04/01/01 - Second Chance is completed after two years and seven months making it by far the story it took longest to write. This also makes the Soldier and the Flower Girl the only story in progress at this time on the site.
06/09/01 - I Want to Live joins the Edge of Twilight as one of my more depressing stories
08/07/01 - Added a FAQ to the site, which I put up so people wouldn't have to ask me the same old questions all the time and guess what, they STILL do! *sigh*
10/07/01 - Decide Geocities sucks. Move to Crosswinds.
12/01/01 - Closed the Forum. Just too much work keeping an eye on it. Very disappointed that it didn't work out.
12/07/01 - The first chapter of Astray is posted.
12/24/01 - Guardian Angel makes its appearence
01/01/02 - The Soldier and the Flower Girl is complete after eleven months
01/06/02 - Decide Crosswinds sucks. Third and hopefully last move to new (pay) site on Powweb. Yay! Finally no ads!
01/14/02 - The first chapter of Cetra Destiny is posted
09/02/02 - The Quest for Twinkies is posted in the humor section


I never felt the urge to put up a guest book since I figured if anyone had any comments they could just email me. In fact, for this section I was originally going to have you send your comments to me via email but then decided that, in this instance, since I was going to make the comments public anyway, a Guestbook would just be simpler. So here it is, your chance to sound off about this dump!
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