Below is a timeline I've composed of the Final Fantasy VII world. The references in blue are taken directly from the game, although the date, in many cases, is just a guess. The references in red are from the internet series, and the references in green are events that can be infered, but where never actually mentioned in the game or the series. Since no dates were ever used in the game, I made year 0 the year the crystal materia was brought to earth, for no particular reason.

Year 0 - An unknown Chadara crash lands on the planet, bringing the crystal materia with it

Year 1014 - Human miners discover the crystal materia

Year 1025 - 1037 - A time of great strife. The crystal materia is passed from one warlord to the next. It is finally claimed by King Darius II after a great battle

Year 1053 - Jenova arrives on the planet. At first it appears as a friend. It asks for the crystal materia. When the humans refuse Jenova shows it's true colors, killing King Darius and many of his people. But one man escapes with the crystal materia and brings it to the Cetra

Year 1057 - As retaliation for their refusal to produce the crystal materia, Jenova unleashes a virus deadly to the Cetra

Year 1058 - The humans and the Cetra join forces and defeat Jenova in an epic battle. Thinking Jenova has been destroyed, the remains are sealed away in a stony tomb.

Year 1061 - 3072 - The Cetra can find no cure for the virus that Jenova unleashed. Over time their numbers dwindle while humans increase

Year 2529 - Merko (Nipala's father) and Seto vie for the title of protector of Cosmo Canyon. Merko negotiates a peace settlement with a neighboring tribe but is betrayed. He is accused by Seto of collaborating with the enemy. He is found guilty and sentenced to death, but before the verdict can be carried out Merko and his wife flee Cosmo Canyon, never to return

Year 3003 - Ellengio is born

Year 3011 - President Shinra is born

Year 3015 - Professor Gast is born

Year 3019 - Vincent Valentine is born.

Year 3021 - Ifalna is born

Year 3024 - Nanaki is born

Year 3025 - Hojo is born

Year 3026 - Lucrecia is born.

Year 3035 - The Gi attack Cosmo Canyon. Nanaki's father, Seto, is killed defending what later becomes known as the Gi cave.

Year 3036 - Nipala is born. The Shinra Electric Company is formed

Year 3037 - Barret Wallace is born. Professor Gast discovers the remains of Jenova in a 2000 year old rock strata.

Year 3038 - Professor Gast discovers a way to reanimate Jenova cells. The Jenova Project begins.

Year 3040 - Cid Highwind is born

Year 3041 - Sephiroth is born. Vincent confronts Hojo about Lucrecia and is shot. Hojo begins his experiments on Vincent.

Year 3042 - Shera is born. Scarlet is born

Year 3043 - Reeve is born

Year 3045 - Rude is born

Year 3046 - Reno is born.

Year 3046 - 3072 - Vincent is placed in a coffin and remains there unaging for 26 years

Year 3050 - Aeris Gainsborough is born. Professor Gast is killed by Hojo and Ifalna and Aeris are taken prisoner

Year 3051 - Cloud Strife is born. Elena is born.

Year 3052 - Tifa Lockheart is born. Hojo discovers that people infused with just the right amount of mako energy can become super strong. The Soldier program begins.

Year 3053 - Lai Li is born.

Year 3056 - Yuffie Kisaragi is born. Amanda Nathan is born. Ifalna and Aeris manage to escape from Shinra. Ifalna dies at the Midgar train station, leaving Aeris with Elmyra

Year 3056 - 3062 - The Midgar Wutai war takes place

Year 3059 - Cid starts construction of the Shinra 26. Rocket Town is founded

Year 3061 - Cid attempts to launch the Shinra 26 but aborts when Shera refuses to get out in time. Shinra cancels the space program. Cid's dream of going into space seems to have been lost

Year 3062 - Sephiroth leads the Midgar army to the gates of Wutai and wins a decisive battle. Wutai surrenders. Tifa's mother dies. Distraught, Tifa wanders up into the Nibel mountains. She is almost killed when the bridge she is on collapses. Cloud followed her to try to stop her, but many in the town, including Tifa's father, blame him for her injuries. Tifa starts her martial arts training.

Year 3065 - Cloud and Tifa meet at the well. Cloud leaves Nibelheim to join Soldier.

Year 3067 - Sephiroth learns of his role in the Jenova project and the knowledge makes him go insane. He destroys Nibelheim. Cloud and Zack are taken prisoner by Hojo. Zangan brings Tifa to Midgar.

Year 3068 - Marlene is born. Corel destroyed by Shinra after an accident at the Mako reactor. Zack and Cloud escape from Hojo. They make their way to the outskirts of Midgar, where Zack is apparently killed.

Year 3069 - Avalanche is named by Barret while on a visit to Cosmo Canyon

Year 3072 - Tifa finds Cloud at the train station at Midgar and he is hired to help Avalanche. President Shinra is killed by Sephiroth and Rufus Shinra takes over. Sephiroth uses the black materia to call Meteor. Aeris is killed after praying to holy. Shinra is effectlively destroyed after Diamond Weapon kills Rufus and Midgar is laid to ruins by Meteor. Cloud and his friends defeat Sephiroth at the northern crater. Aeris calls up the lifestream to stop Meteor.

Year 3073- Aeris is resurrected by Cloud and his friends using the crystal materia. Ellengio sees Aeris on the Southern continent and follows her back

Year 3074 - Aeris finds out Zack is still alive. Another Jenova appears in Gongaga, called by the crystal materia. Cosmo canyon falls to Jenova, but most of the people escape due to the timely intervention of Ellengio, who turns the riders away from the gates of the canyon. The second Jenova is defeated by Cid, Elena, Vincent and Ellengio. Sydney Highwind is born. Ellengio finds and translates the ancient Cetra book. Cloud and his friends go to Grouchoon to finally put an end to their battles with Jenova. In the end Ellengio betrays them, but in spite of his interference, they succeed in strengthening the force field around the Cetra/Jenova homeworld, effectively ending the threat. Cloud and Tifa are married. Amanda is killed by Vernon.

Year 3075 - PRESENT TIME: Wistera, vowing revenge for the death of her father, infuses herself with mako and attacks Avalanche.

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