Dramatic stories

This is where you will find all my serious stories that are not part of the Internet Series. I think some of the stories here, as individual efforts, are some of my best work, and allowed me to fully explore a range of writing styles that was unavailable to me in the series. So check them out!


In depth histories of all the main characters

A time line of the events of Final Fantasy VII, compiled from the game and the internet series

A sad story, written from Cloud's perspective, on what could happen when someone doesn't realize what they have until it's too late.

SECOND CHANCE And now for something completely different. An FFVII fan fic not authored by me! Or at least not most of it. This story is a collaboration between a number of well known FFVII fan fic authors on the web. Each author is going to write one chapter (or maybe more depending on how many victem...err, authors I get to go along with this). Not sure how this is going to turn out, but it should be a lot of fun doing it and I'm sure we'll get an entertaining story out of it to boot. Or at least, I hope so!

THE PLOT: Well, well, what do I see here? Another Aeris resurrection story? Well, sort of. This story takes place directly after the events in the game. At least, it starts out that way. But as meteor is destroyed by the lifestream the Highwind is caught up in the conflagration and tossed back in time to before Aeris was killed. After our heros realize this they set out on a quest to meet their former selves and stop Sephiroth from ever killing Aeris in the first place.

BALANCE OF POWER A special treat for any Cid and/or Tifa fans out there. Jen and I got together and decided to write a story about out favorite characters. The story takes place two years after the events in the game and the world is now a much different place, and on the verge of war between the cities of Junon and Wutai. The other characters may be putting in appearences, but they will not have major parts. This story is not related to the Internet Series.
SHARDS You know, I was looking around my page and I thought that since I am a Tifa fan, I should have at least one story just about her. So here it is. This story takes place right after Sephiroth destroys Nibelheim and almost kills Tifa. Awakening in Midgar, she finds herself in a very different world from the one she left behind. Dependent on total strangers, she must find a way not only to survive, but to piece together once more the broken shards of her life.

CONTENT WARNING This story has stronger language and more adult material then my usual writing. I would rate this story PG-13. Some of the content might not be suitable for younger teens.


This story takes place right after Cloud leaves Nibelheim to join Soldier. It focuses mainly on Cloud and Aeris during that time, following Cloud through his Soldier training and the reasons he washed out, and Aeris early life in Midgar and her interaction with the Turks.

Yet another Aeris ressurection story, or is it? This story starts off in familiar territory but soon takes a rather (IMO) unexpected turn. This is not a happy story, there are no heros here, just humans.

ASTRAY Since BALANCE OF POWER seemed to turn out pretty well, Jen and I decided to try our hand at another fic. This story takes place four years after the game ends and features Tifa and Reno.

CONTENT WARNING This story has stronger language and more adult material then my usual writing. I would rate this story R.

GUARDIAN ANGEL A very weird short story I wrote just on the spur of the moment. Not even a story, really, more like a little self indulging ramble, I guess. Well, you'll just have to make up your own mind about it, I suppose. Tifa wants some answers, and a mysterious stranger offers to provide them.